Yusaka Maezawa, the Japanese billionaire, has given us on the other side of the Pacific another reason to notice him. After signing up to be the first “lunar tourist” with SpaceX, he’s also become the author of the most retweeted Tweet of all time.
The tweet, which he posted three days ago, has now been retweeted more than five million times. The reason for the Tweet’s popularity is very simple, some might even say predictable. Maezawa promised those who retweeted it that 100 of them (randomly selected) would get one million yen, which is equivalent to $9,250 USD.  The tweet is as follows:

ZOZOTOWN New Year ‘s Sale is the fastest ever in history and handling volume of 10 billion yen has passed so far! ! With a daily gratitude, I will give you 100 million yen [100 million yen grand prix for 100 people] from individuals in cash. To apply, just follow me and just RT this tweet. Receptionist is up to 1/7. I will DM directly from winners! # Otoshidama If you go to the moon

The “ZOZOTOWN New Year’s Sale” he’s referring to is the sale at his clothing store, ZOZOTOWN, the source of his billions and the big giveaway seems to be a celebration of the store’s successful new year’s promotion. The Tweet took the number one spot from a very similar Tweet from last year: Carter Wilkerson’s Wendy Tweet.

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Not an ingenius strategy but definitely a guaranteed way to go viral

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