We don’t know how much We are supposed to care about Gallardo at this point, as his head is so in the game that he basically starts talking shop right after offering Don Neto his condolences, physically restrains his wife when she tries to leave him, continues to ignore his promise to Isabella (whom he also grabs when she threatens to tell the others what happened to Falcón after he crows that he took care of the problem himself), and generally acts in a way that makes it clear he thinks he can go it alone. He even straight-out tells his wife, after deciding to ignore her plea for him to return with her to Sinaloa, “I don’t need you anymore.” Oof.

What a character turn, completely out of nowhere!

Could this have stemmed from the scene where he was informed by his supposed adopted father that “he would never belong”? We wonder….

Source Vulture

How does a man go from not cheating on his Wife to dropping his wife like a hot potato?

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