Strasbourg’s 2000 year history has taken it from being a prosperous merchant city to its current position as capital of the peoples of Europe, from a centre for humanist thinking to a thriving hub of creators and entrepreneurs.
With its blend of cultures, innate tolerance, ecological awareness and embodiement of the European spirit, Strasbourg is a highly attractive, yet contemporary city. A multifaceted image, which is the basis of its originality.
Europe is alive here – the Europe of democracy, the Europe which belongs to its citizens, is being constructed here to deal with the major issues currently facing our society, such as education, industrial modernisation, solidarity, the change in energy sources and eco-responsibility.

Strasbourg, inspired perhaps by the soaring steeple of its cathedral, is a city where culture and business combine to form fertile ground for future development.

Hotel de Ville is where residents of Strasbourg, France get married, whether richer or poorer, in health or in sickness–all have a beautiful palace in which they must get married in order to be legally wed.

The Hotel de Hanau is a historical monument located Place Broglie in Strasbourg, in the French department of Bas-Rhin.
It is today the city hall of Strasbourg.
The main entrance to the Hanau Hotel is located at n ° 9 rue Brulée. The rear facade overlooks Place Broglie.
The Hanau hotel will be renovated from 2016. The cost of the works is estimated at 3.8 million euros. It is now occupied by the protocol service, the offices of elected officials, a district council and the offices of the Agency for Development and Urban Planning of the Strasbourg agglomeration.

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