Achieve an alluring look with this luxurious vanity smart mirror that comes with perfect lighting, pre installed apps

This high end luxury mirror rim-lighting technology, coupled with its Colour Rendering Index of 96, gives you an accurate, clear-as-daylight reflection, any time of day, to help you make sure you get your makeup colours exactly right.

The mirror streams the latest fashion and beauty content, keeping you up to date with the newest makeup and skincare trends and highlights. Watch online makeup and hair styling tutorial videos as you work on your look.

The mirrors built-in front camera lets you take selfies as soon as you perfect your look.

The camera also scans your face, so that its pre-loaded Sephora app can overlay different colours of lipstick onto it. Great for colour-matching in your makeup and wardrobe!

You can even buy your favourite lipstick shades on the spot with just one tap on the app.

The smart mirror’s pre-loaded Flo Period Tracker app helps you keeps tabs on that time of the month, to safeguard against nasty surprises.

Price: $1031
Includes complimentary worldwide shipping

Contact concierge at or Skype slaynetwork

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Get to know your new beauty best friend.

Inspired by the shape of a wedding gown

See the exceptional quality of premium materials that complements any style.

Try out lipstick shades without having to put them on.

Let no colors fool you.

See yourself in natural light.

Enjoy easy access to fashion and beauty content.

Capture your best angle as soon as you’re done!

Know for sure when your next monthly cycle comes round.

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