Trust me I know what makes them seek me!

Tension Release in the Storage Room with my Boss
I know the perfect way to make him feel better.

I tapped on my phone, checking the message from the other assistant. He didn’t know where the spare inkjet refill was located…
Fine, I knew those were on this floor. I supposed I could get it for him instead of waiting for him to come around.
I glanced toward my boss’s office. The door was open, so he was probably not there. He most likely wouldn’t have anything urgent for me anyway.
I walked down the corridor. It had been a while since I went to the storage room. Usually, someone else was in charge of that.
No one was in the corridor, maybe they were all working hard.
I pushed open the door to the storage room, and heard shuffling footsteps inside.
“Oh, sorry. I didn’t expect there to be someone here.” I held the door and peeked inside.
Someone was inside, standing with their back toward the door. They didn’t turn on the light and I couldn’t see who it was.
“Hey, can I turn on the light? Oof!”
A hand slapped over my face and covered my mouth. I was about to bite the hand when the door to the storage room was closed.
The man hissed at me, “Shut up!”
Huh? It sounded like my boss.
I nodded, as I could only make murmurs.
He let go of me after the door shut.
I scowled at him. He was still haze of shadow as my eyes were still getting used to the darkness.
“Boss? What are you doing in here?”
He pressed a finger to my lips. “Can’t you be quiet?”
I frowned at him. It was rare for him to be in here. “You didn’t even turn on the lights. Wait… Are you hiding from something? Playing hide-and-seek in the building?”
He sighed and shook his head. “No, I just want to have some peace and quiet, but now you are here.”
I rolled my eyes. “Come on. I’m here to get the refills for the inkjet printers, not to look for you. I’ll leave after I get what I need, but you won’t let me turn on the lights. What are you hiding from?”
He grunted. “That’s stupid.”
My heart skipped a beat when his voice sounded… wavering.
I wrapped my arms around him. “Hey, are you alright?”
He flinched. His breath seemed to get ragged and he sounded like he could cry at any second.
I whispered, “I won’t tell anyone.”
He sighed and stroked my back. “Well, I’m alright.”
“No, you aren’t.”
He grunted. His breath was getting even rougher.
I patted his back. When I leaned against his chest, he couldn’t hide from me. “You can tell me. You know you can trust me.”
He let out a soft chuckle. “I know. I’m fine. Just… Have some pressure getting piled up. I’m fine.”
“Sounds like you could use some distraction.”
When I was this close to him with our bodies pressed together, his scent was so strong that it was setting a fire inside me. I liked to be with him, though sometimes, he was so busy and distracted.
His cock twitched when I rubbed myself against him. He sucked in a breath. “You are crazy horny.”
“I just want to help my boss.”
He grunted. “Are you sure about that? We are in the storage room.”
I chuckled and rubbed his chest. “Is that even a problem? It’s not like you can keep your cock to yourself anyway.”
He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall. “Oh yeah? Looks like you are asking for it.”
He shoved his hand between my legs.
“Ah!” I cried out when his fingers pushed my panties to the side and his thumb rubbed my clit.
“You are such a horny slut,” he muttered as he moved his fingers faster, rubbing me with even more force.
I moaned and reached for his cock. “So much for saying that about me. You are fucking hard too.”
I freed him, stroking him. He had a huge monster and he was going to feel amazing inside me.
He kissed me while I guided him to my entrance. I was dripping wet for him. I bit his lip.
He groaned when I put his tip to my clit. He rubbed my throat. “Fuck, you are so hot.”
“Damn right.”
“You want my cum?”
“Oh, yes. As long as I make my boss happy.”
I gasped when he slammed himself inside me. He was so large and he knew how to fuck me until I screamed. Except I couldn’t even scream, since the storage room wasn’t as soundproof as his office.
He picked up speed, so much faster than usual. His ragged breath landed on me. Maybe he was mad at something and now he could use my pussy to his liking. A good way to get rid of stress, probably. And I got to enjoy his strong cock.
He slammed me into the wall when he thrust into me, so hard and so strongly that my feet left the ground. It was almost painful but in a pleasurable way. I bit his shoulder as I came, my pussy squeezing his cock.
“Fuck…!” He hissed, also struggling to lower his voice.
Biting him was the only thing I could do without moans erupting from me.
He pushed his forehead to mine. “You are so damn sexy.”
I laughed when his cock exploded in me, giving me his hot cum. His thrusts slowed down, and he slammed into the deepest part of me. His breath was hot on my face.
His eyes were closed, but it seemed like he wasn’t as tense as we started.
After a few minutes and when his breath leveled, he pulled out. “You are such a slut.”
“For your cock, yes.” I slid down the wall despite him holding me. I dropped to my knees and took his cock in my mouth.
He grunted and held the back of my head. “What the hell? I — ”
There were footsteps outside. I flinched and almost choked on his cock.
Someone was talking outside…
“Are you sure that’s in this room? There’s no sign here.”
Fuck! Were they going to come in?
I looked at my boss and he stared at me. I probably should get his cock out of my mouth and get off the floor while he should put his cock back into his trousers.
But neither of us were moving…
“I think this is the storage room. I know there’s no sign, but…”
“Or maybe it’s on another floor?”
“Hmm… Maybe?”
The footsteps moved away.
I gasped and it seemed like I could finally move. I quickly licked his cock for the salty cum and made him clean. “I guess we got lucky they didn’t come in.”
My boss grunted. “Not that I care.”
He pulled his pants up, and I also moved to fix myself.
I said, “HR won’t like it.”
“They can feel free to be mad. I don’t give a shit.”
I smiled. “You are crazy like always.”
He sighed. “You were never that eager to get your pussy pounded.”
“Looks like you need to destroy something without serious consequences.”
He rolled his eyes. “Maybe you have a point. Let’s go before those idiots find out this is the storage room they are looking for.”
“Sure.” I followed him out of the room. Finally, there was light.
I winced when my eyes had to get used to that.
He halted a few steps down the corridor. “Now that I think about it. Why were you in the storage room in the first place? I think you said you weren’t looking for me.”
I… I blinked when I couldn’t seem to remember. It was all his fault. “Maybe I was looking to get something…”
He chuckled. “Guess you aren’t getting the thing for whoever that was now.”
“I’m blaming that on you.”
“Oh yeah? Blaming your boss now? Are you looking for a punishment?”
I shivered. His cum was still warm in me and he already wanted to punish me even more?
“Don’t promise what you can’t deliver.”
“We’ll see about that.”
I snorted and followed him as we headed back to his office. There had to be a reason I was there in the first place though… Maybe I would remember later.


Don’t worry your escapades are safe with us.








Trust me I know what makes them seek me!

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