Sure, eating meals as a family provides a wide range of benefits. Research shows it boosts kids’ grades, leads to healthier eating habits, and (believe it or not) helps relieve parental stress. But making time to prepare, cook, and sit down to a delicious dinner can be difficult, especially when each family member has a busy schedule of his and her own. That’s where these easy recipes come in to play. They require minimal prep, so you can spend dinner chatting it up with your loved ones—not slaving over the stove.  Whether you’re serving up sweet potato meal full of vitamins and antioxidants or dishing out a kid-friendly favorite dessert (hello, !), these recipes have a few things in common: they’re easy to prepare and packed with flavor. Plus, we offer enough pizza and pasta dishes to keep the kids happy, yet offer interesting twists on old favorites will appeal to moms and dads, too.

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By Health

Hassle-back Sweet potato with Pesto.

Some dinner inspo that's super easy & one of my faves - Clean the potatoes well and cut off the ends, then slice the potatoes thinly but not all the way through (use chopsticks to help as a guide). Drizzle well with garlic olive oil, coconut oil or melted ghee and season really well. Bake at 200C until soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. Drizzle with a little honey (optional). Hand chop a pesto - basil leaves, activated pecans, garlic olive oil, 1/4 clove grated garlic, lemon zest and juice, salt flakes, Parmesan or nutritional yeast to taste. Serve topped with pesto and a large side salad

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Guilt free Ferrero Rochers, Fancy that!

Just another amazing recipe from our health program Because life is way to short to not enjoy treats! Recipe below Ps these are totally addictive. . Ingredients: 1 cup roasted Hazelnuts 1⁄2 cup soaked dates 1-2 tbsp cocoa or raw cacao powder Small pinch salt Splash maple syrup, optional if you prefer a sweeter paste Plus: Approx 15-18 whole roasted hazelnuts for crunchy centre 1 cup crushed roasted hazelnuts for rolling 200g melted 70-85% chocolate for rolling Method: Remove skins by rubbing between a tea towel and discard. Pulse one cup of nuts in a food processor to a crushed consistency and set aside for rolling. Also set aside 18 whole nuts for the centre. Process remaining nuts until they form a paste- if you can do this while warm from the oven this helps, but it doesn’t have to be perfect. Add dates and cocoa and keep processing until as smooth as possible. Taste and adjust chocolate flavour if needed. Roll paste into balls, flatten and add hazelnut to the centre, and shape paste around it into a ball again. Once all have been rolled dip one at a time into melted chocolate, remove with a fork then roll straight away in crushed hazelnuts. Place on a tray lined with baking paper. Set in the freezer.

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Raw Beetroot Chocolate Cake

Just another clean treat from our program Super easy and delicious!! Ingredients Ingredients * olive oil * plain flour , for dusting * 300 g good-quality dark chocolate (70% cocoa solids) * 250 g raw beetroot * 4 large free-range eggs * 150 g golden caster sugar * 120 g ground almonds * 1 teaspoon baking powder * 1 tablespoon good-quality cocoa powder * natural yoghurt , to serve Method 1. Preheat the oven to 180°C/350°F/gas 4. 2. Lightly grease the bottom and sides of a 20cm springform cake tin with olive oil. Use scissors to cut out a circle of greaseproof paper, roughly the same size as the bottom of the tin, and use it to line the base. Dust the sides of the tin lightly with flour, then tap the tin to get rid of any excess. 3. Break 200g of the chocolate into small pieces and add to a heatproof bowl. 4. Place the bowl on top of a small pan of simmering water over a medium heat, making sure the bottom of the bowl isn’t touching the water, and allow to melt, stirring occasionally. 5. Once melted, use oven gloves to carefully remove from the heat and put to one side – beware of the steam when you lift up the bowl. 6. Use a Y-shaped peeler to peel the beetroot (you might want to wear gloves to do this), then quarter them on a chopping board. 7. Push the beetroot through the coarse grater attachment on the food processor, then tip into a large mixing bowl. 8. Separate the eggs, placing the whites into a large clean mixing bowl and adding the yolks to the beetroot, then wash your hands. 9. Stir the sugar, almonds, baking powder, cocoa powder and melted chocolate into the beetroot and mix together well. 10. Use an electric hand whisk to whisk the egg whites until you have stiff peaks. 11. Use a spatula to fold a quarter of the egg whites into the beetroot mixture to loosen, then once combined, fold in the rest but try not to over-mix. 12. Add the mixture to the prepared cake tin and spread out evenly using a spatula. 13. Bake in the hot oven for around 50 minutes, or until risen and cooked through. 14. To check if it’s done, stick a cocktail stick or skewer into the middle of the sponge, remove it after 5 seconds and if it comes out clean the cake’s cooked; if it’s slightly sticky it needs a bit longer. 15. Allow the cake to cool slightly, then carefully turn it out on to a wire rack to cool completely. 16. When you’re ready to serve, melt the remaining chocolate (in the same way as above), then serve each slice with some yoghurt and a little drizzle of the melted chocolate. Tips Flavour-wise beetroot is sweet, which is why it works really well in cakes even though it's a vegetable. You can grate it by hand using a box grater, if you prefer, depending on how much time you have. Measuring the ingredients exactly is the key to success, so accurate scales are a very important piece of equipment. Make sure the scales are set to zero before you start

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Broccoli and cauliflower rice

Savoury mince with broccoli and cauliflower rice, one of my fave easy meals to whip up... don’t overthink it! Lots of chopped organic veg, mince (you can use vegetarian mince if you like) tomato paste, meadowmarrowbonebroth, seasoning, niulife BBQ coconut aminos, tamari, water and the rice is blitz broccoli and cauliflower fried in ghee, salt and pepper and a little garlic. Yum! Great with eggs for brunch too!

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Mango Sorbet

Check out this holiday treat for the kids 1 frozen banana 1 cup frozen mango Splash coconut milk Blend until smooth in a high power blender. Enjoy

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