No more fake food products full of additives. Enough of products that get their texture from emulsifiers and their taste from aromas. The time has come for you to switch to the healthy slay fitness lifestyle.

Disease management is NOT the future –
HEALTH is the future!“

With a little ingenuity and some perseverance, many high carb recipes can be made over into low carb treats without sacrificing flavor. 

These go to flavorful foods are suitable for diabetics and dieters alike.

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Healthy Quinoa-Haloumi Burgers with Hummus and Rocket Sprouts on corn salad

The best healthy burgers, ever made.

Source: By @vickys.healthydreams

Crispy Granola, a bowl of yoghurt, nuts and delicious berries

Source: By @vickys.healthydreams

Chocolate brownie with nuts and caramel

Ingredients * 220 g dark chocolate, 65% cocoa * 250 g butter * 250 g cane sugar * 4 eggs * one shot of espresso * 75 g flour * 50 g hemp seeds from Medihemp * 40 g baking cocoa * 1 pinch of salt * 1 tsp baking powder * 80 g salted caramel Toppings * 80 g salted caramel * 50 g pecans * 25 g chopped chocolate * hemp seeds from Medihemp Salted Caramel * 200 g sugar * 5 tbs water * 180 ml cream * 1 tbs butter * 1 tsp vanilla * 1/2 tsp sea salt Anleitungen Salted Caramel * Mix water with sugar in a pot. Use a wooden spoon. Dissolve the sugar over medium heat. Important: do not stir, otherwise the caramel will crystallize later. Let the sugar-water mixture simmer until a brown, caramel colour is obtained. Remove the mixture from the heat and add the whipped cream slowly, stirring constantly. Add butter, vanilla and sea salt and stir in. Pour the caramel into a jar.
 Brownie * For the brownie dough, break the chocolate into pieces and melt them together with the butter over lightly boiling water in a water bath. Remove from the heat and allow to cool.
 * Preheat the oven to 175°C top and bottom heat and line a square baking tin (24x24cm) completely with baking paper. If you grease the tin before, you will have an easier time laying it out.
 * Beat eggs and cane sugar for about 5 minutes with a hand mixer until creamy. The mixture should be considerably larger. Now add the shot of espresso and the melted chocolate. Slowly fold in the ingredients with a dough card – do not mix. 
 * Mix hemp seeds in a mixer until grated. Mix with flour, baking cocoa, a pinch of salt and baking powder in a bowl. Also only fold in the flour mixture.
 * Fill half of the dough with baking tin. Spread 80g of salted caramel on the dough and use a knife to swirl the caramel in to give a marbled effect. Add the rest of the brown dough and spread another 80g of salted caramel like before over the mixture. Finish with pecans, chopped chocolate and hemp seeds.
 * Bake in the oven for about 35 minutes. Unfortunately, the stick test cannot be used here as the inside of the brownies should still be soft and juicy. Let the brownie cool down completely in the tin. Then cut into pieces and serve.

Source: By @vickys.healthydreams

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