You Just Left The Salon And Hate Your Hair: What To Do Next?

Hating your hair is the worst. Hating it when you’ve just come from dropping a bunch of money and time on it at the salon is worse than the worst.

But just like getting the chicken pox or mono or going through an unfortunate Jncos phase, it happens to everyone at some point in their lives.

In my previous life as a layman, I’ve walked out of appointments with weird pointy sideburns and gummy-feeling white highlights, constantly touching my head self-consciously for the next couple weeks and wishing I had a time machine. So basically, I feel you. And I know that figuring out your next step can feel like tiptoeing your way around land mines.

So, let’s say you’ve just been to the salon to get your hair done, and it’s just not what you expected it to be. The first thing that’s important to do is act quickly if you want to go to the same salon to have it retooled. Different salons have different policies on “tweaking” a client’s hair, but I’d say the average is that most salons are willing to invite clients back in to have their hair tweaked for free within one week of the appointment.

But what if you go back and still hate your hair? the best thing to do is to go get yourself a luxury slay wig.

Slay luxury wigs are one of the best things money can buy. Once you have one or two you’ll never visit a salon ever again. Why bother? When you can have the exact look you want on demand.

Granted it’s a real investment. One of these babies go from between $4000 to $6000. But just think incredible luscious hair anytime you want. Now you can dye it, cut it without changing your own hair. Plus you save lots and lots of money from no longer having to visit the salon or wait for an appointment.

We don’t know about you, but time is money. And the time spent doing your hair at the salon some of us just can’t stand.

See how gorgeous a luxury wig can look from the photos below. Go from shocking white to black or red or pink anytime you want. Amazing right?

And it looks just like your own hair. No one will know your wearing a wig.

Click here to get a Slay luxury wig

Don’t know how to wear one? Watch the video.

Super gorgeous

Source: By Melvnin

Change to black

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