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Stop and View the Very Best in Spring Drive Mechanical Watch Elegance: the 18k Rose Gold Case Grand Seiko SBGK002 Mechanical Men’s Watch.

The stunning new limited edition (150 pieces) 18k Rose Gold Case Grand Seiko SBGK002 mechanical manual wind spring drive men watch with Suki-Urushi dial from Grand Seiko is an incredible addition to the Grand Seiko Elegance Collection of watches at a remarkable price. Only going on sale this Spring in March 2019, the men’s limited edition 18k Rose Gold Case Grand Seiko SBGK002 mechanical offers the perfect complement to your partner’s finest white gold, yellow gold or rose gold jewellery rings, bracelets and earrings in a cut diamond. You can view the full features and price of the 18k Rose Gold Case Grand Seiko SBGK002 mechanical and the other watches in the Grand Seiko Elegance Collection on the Grand Seiko watches website. With the support of Grand Seiko USA, the 18k Rose Gold Case Grand Seiko SBGK002 mechanical was also put on view at the Baselworld watch jewellery exhibition, in addition to other Seiko watches that form the Grand Seiko Elegance Collection.

The 18k Rose Gold Case Grand Seiko SBGK002 from the Grand Seiko Elegance Collection celebrates the introduction of the all-new Grand Seiko manual-winding spring drive mechanical Caliber 9S63 with small seconds hand, yet more innovation from the Japanese Seiko brand which pioneered Seiko Grand hi-beat and then quartz watches, and a quantum leap forward from the Spring Drive 9R65 Grand Seiko watch movement of 1999, so popular with Grand Seiko collectors in the USA and elsewhere such as Stefan Molin, ushering in for Grand Seiko their use of the Grand Seiko watch ‘Snowflake’ motif, symbolizing the beauty of Shinsu with a dial like crystallized snow, which is easy to view in Grand Seiko watch models such as the SGBA and SBGV Grand. The classic simple beauty of these watches contrasts exceptionally well with jewellery in carved rose Whitby Jet, perhaps a bracelet, earrings or ring in Sterling silver or yellow or rose gold.

The 18k Rose Gold Case Grand Seiko SBGK002 mechanical watch is a masterclass in Haute Horlogerie from the Japanese watchmaking manufacture based in the two towns of Shiojiri, Nagano Prefecture and Shizukuishi, Iwate Prefecture, Japan, and especially the craft of the Urushi lacquer process adorning the dial: through the translucent amber ‘Suki-Urushi’ dial lacquer, sourced from trees growing close to the Shizukuishi Watch Studio and the town of Joboji, an image is revealed of a view of Mt. Iwate, the Japanese mountain which towers above the Shizuku Watch Studio itself. This is stunning, Shizuku ‘Suki-Urushi’ elegance.

The hour markers which adorn the Suki-Urushi dial of the 18k Rose Gold Case Grand Seiko SBGK002 spring drive mechanical are themselves the product of yet more watch-making elegance, this time through the application of one layer of Urushi lacquer after another in the traditional Maki-e technique as practiced by Urushi Master Isshu Tamura, working from his workshop in Kanazawa: shimmering, hand-polished, three-dimensional 24k gold or platinum hour markers and the ‘GS’ for the Grand Seiko logo on the face of the watch’s dial, are the beautiful result. This level of elegance and beauty from Grand Seiko watches Japan, whether in the Grand Seiko Elegance Collection, Grand Seiko Heritage Collection and even the Grand Seiko Sport Collection truly has to be seen to be appreciated, and is the equal of any jewellery in mother of pearl, gold, whether white, yellow, red or rose, or indeed the finest in elegant bracelets, earrings or rings adorned with diamonds. This beauty extends inside the case of the 18k Rose Gold Case Grand Seiko SBGK002 mechanical, the 9S63 manual wind spring movement running at 28,800 vibrations per hour (8 beats per second), and its powerful spring drive offering a power reserve of 72 hours, with power reserve display on the front of the SBGK002’s dial at 3 0’clock, mirroring the small seconds dial at 9. The hour, minute, small seconds and power reserve indicator hands are all finished in Rose Gold, in parallel with that of the watch case itself, all very easy to view through the Dual-curve, transparent rather than smoky anti-reflective quartz sapphire.

From watch time LA, through Alaska to the watch and jewellery showcase that is Baselworld, from the towns of Shiojiri and Shizukuishi, and from Shinshu and Mt. Iwate to the tree-covered slopes of Joboji from where the Urushi lacquer is sourced for the 18k Rose Gold Case Grand Seiko SBGK002 mechanical spring wind means limited watch from the Grand Seiko Elegance Collection, the dial that everyone wants to view is that of this watch, so far from the watches of Omega and the quartz watch revolution, but a return to simple Grand Seiko Mechanical elegance, and excellence. On sale soon, at an attractive price, especially from Seiko USA, and in the meantime available to view on the internet. You can find Spring Drive movement Grand Seiko men’s watches available for sale at a cut-price. Or have a look at the new saga 407: Grand Seiko Elegance Collection’s sbga 407, with its snowflake dial, is the must this Spring.

Only a limited number available: get your limited edition this Spring, to make this Spring even more special. If you are price-conscious, the sale may allow you to cut a deal at a very convenient price. You can also find online the full collection of men and women Grand Seiko Quartz watches. Many Grand Seiko Quartz watches are always one cut above, and the increasing number of limited-edition watches from Grand Seiko is due to Grand Seiko wanting to distinguish itself. Indeed, since 2017, Grand Seiko also launched limited editions for specific markets. Don’t get cut off, get your mens limited edition before the sale price makes them disappear. As for bracelets, in particular, vintage bracelets are a very appreciated Grand Seiko feature, many limited editions also come on bracelets, some of which are titanium bracelets. Seiko, always one cut above.

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Concierge Price: $53,591
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Stop and View the Very Best in Spring Drive Mechanical Watch Elegance with 18k Rose Gold Case

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