This gothic vampire look is perfect for any occasion where you want to have all eyes on you.

The blood lenses of this high end eyewear will tint everything to the hue of your deepest desire.

No cutting-edge vampire would feel complete without a pair of Gothic Vampire Glasses. Dracula had his cape, but let’s face it, capes are so last year. These days, any self-respecting vampire invests in a pair of chill glasses to complement his or her equally chilling undead lifestyle. Color your world crimson and watch as your Bella or Beau is drawn involuntarily towards you. Pin her or him with your gothic gaze, and perhaps you’ll even get to feast upon her life essence if you play your cards right! You’ll have people wondering if you can read minds and summon bats by the end of the evening.

Rise proudly from your coffin at sunset and don these amazing Gothic Vampire Glasses. Their sheer awesomeness may even repel garlic fumes, but this hasn’t been field tested…yet.

Matching choker included
Price: $1124
Includes complimentary worldwide shipping

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Pair this look with Bella from slay my hair

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No bloodsucker should be caught undead without this eyewear

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