Our skin is subjected to a lot of stress every day, which can cause problems such as dark spots on the skin. Luckily, this is a simple problem which can be relieved by a few natural remedies we will show you below

Therefore, in this article we will show you 2 of the many masks made from potato which will help you fight the completely unpleasant spots from your face.
Potato and lemon
What Ingredients You Will Need:
* ½ lemon (juice)
* 1 potato
How To Prepare:
You should mix the potato and after that include the lemon juice and mix till it is all integrated.

The best way to use: apply this house treatment with gentle circular movements, let it stay for 20 minutes then wash with water.

Potato and cucumber

What Ingredients You Will Need:
* ½ cucumber
* 1 potato

How to prepare:

Put the potato and the cucumber in a mixer and blend until it is all entirely integrated.

How to utilize: apply the blend with gentle circular movements on your face, let it remain for 25 minutes then wash off with water.

Try this secret remedy and thank us later

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