As the morning sun kissed the horizon, a sense of anticipation lingered in the air. It was here, in the bustling streets of New York City, that the journey of self-discovery would commence. Alexander Turner, a successful but unfulfilled businessman, had made a decision – to break free from the shackles of a monotonous existence and embark on a path less traveled…..

Alexander’s life had been meticulously scripted for years. A successful career, a beautiful apartment overlooking the city, and a glamorous wife named Victoria seemed like the perfect package. However, deep down, he knew something was amiss, something indescribable that tugged at his soul.

Victoria, an enchanting and vivacious woman, possessed a seductive charm that had once captivated Alexander. A former model turned jet-set socialite, she embodied everything that society deemed desirable. Yet, as their relationship unfolded, Alexander found himself yearning for more than just physical attraction. He longed for a deeper connection, one that would ignite his spirit and bring meaning to his existence……

So my friend was texting me. I was so distracted and obsessed with this thing that was happening that I just “text-blurted” it out.
“My wife is out with her boyfriend right now.”
“What do you mean boyfriend?”
“She’s dating someone,” I texted. “I’m letting her date someone.”
“Carly is dating someone? Dude, you’re fucking with me. Carly.”
“I know…”
“I thought you guys were solid.”
“We are,” I explained. “It’s something I like. Being cheated on. I get off on it.”
“Dude! LMAO right now. I know you’re pranking me.”
“I’m not playin. Carly is out on her second date with this dude. I met him and everything. He came over. Came in for a glass of wine and then the two of them took an Uber to this play. You know how Carly likes to watch plays. And I hate to. So this is a win-win for us.”
“Oh…so it’s not a real date. It’s just a friend with similar interests thing.”
“Oh no, it’s more than that. She already sucked his dick on the first date. And he ate her pussy. She told me all about it after.”
“She likes this guy, I don’t know. She confessed she had a crush on him. He’s like a customer of her company, I guess they’ve done a lot of business and he always hits on her. And I told her, next time he hits on you, go for it.”
“No shit…”
“Yeah. I totally love the idea of some guy hitting on her and her responding. So he started flirting with her and she surprised him by saying, we should go out this Friday. Let’s get a drink together. Guy was so fucking excited.”
“Carly is so hot. He must have been stoked.”
“So she tried on all these sexy outfits for the date, and you know, showed them too me. And I picked this short leather skirt and Doc Martens, and a little waistcoat PLUS this hot custom swimsuit from slay my lingerie, she looked super cute and trendy.”

The journey towards self-discovery had begun, and Alexander was determined to navigate the tempestuous yet enlightening path that lay before him.

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