Clothes make a statement. Yes, this might be cliché, but in 2022, this speaks to the boldness and larger-than-life trends we see in streetwear. Nothing makes sense anymore globally and politically, so let’s eschew strict fashion guidelines altogether.
This goes beyond “go big or go home.” Experimentation no longer exists just for the wealthy high fashion elites. When curating your wardrobe, you can be as eccentric as you want with your style.
You’ll look weird if you don’t overdress.
Streetwear trends of 2022 don’t fit into simple neat categories. Designers have thrown all concepts and aesthetics onto the mood board.
Keep scrolling to see what the newest upcoming styles offer.

Streetwear Takeover of Mainstream Fashion
Pop culture influences continue to bleed into all areas of life in the most unexpected ways. What we wear functions as a reflection of what values and ideas we wish to explore and embody.
When you think of streetwear you automatically picture casual baggy clothing. They’re the clothes you live your life in every day. But conceptually and aesthetically, streetwear offers so much more than that.
Amid a global pandemic that still is totally a big deal (seriously), the pressures to “dress up” for certain occasions have loosened somewhat. People work remotely, and when they do leave their house, they no longer want to strap themselves into suffocating and stale attire just to look like everyone else.
The days of uniformity have gone the way of the fax machine. (Does anyone reading this know what a fax machine is? Asking for my Boomer friends)

The Roll Out of Bed Approach
Priorities have shifted to more important concerns, and fashion trends show a desire for effortlessness and authentic self-expression.
That means puffy silhouettes and undefined waistlines. The human form hides behind layers of chosen pieces mixed in creative ways.
Five years ago, rolling out of bed meant wearing your pajamas to the dentist’s office. Now, in 2022, we imagine an air of casual grace and even playfulness. Below lists some characteristics of current streetwear trends that we continue to see.

Silhouettes that Break the Binary
Gender no longer dictates personal style the way it has in previous eras. We’ve eliminated the need to stay in one certain box when we choose our wardrobe.
You can no longer distinguish the difference between the silhouettes for men’s and women’s streetwear fashion. You see layers with multiple elements mixed with the move to take up more space.
High fashion used to favor structure and form-fitting, and some trends still do. Yet streetwear fashion plays with blurring the lines and creating new shapes.
We also see women and femme-presenting people adding traditionally male clothing pieces to their wardrobes. We see an expansion of self-expression this way.
Retailers have added “all gender” categories, and top fashion brands include these genderless silhouettes in their lines. While unisex has existed before, fashion tastemakers use these as statement-making choices.

Inventing Gorpcore
The term Gorpcore comes from the acronym “Good Ol’ Raisins and Peanuts.” It refers to a movement of urban dwellers adopting outdoor aesthetics and wearing outfits you’d normally see sold at camping stores.
Big fashion brands have embraced the rise of gorpcore by fusing high fashion aesthetic choices and plastered brand logos with the muted ruggedness worn for outdoor activities like hiking and camping.
Streetwear trends incorporate silhouettes from popular camping brands like Patagonia and North Face into wearable and fashionable pieces. Oddly enough, we see a barrage of statement pieces not meant to be ripped or get dirty.
Outdoor wear traditionally favors natural fabrics over synthetically processed ones. They also tend towards muted neutrals in their color palettes. The aesthetic would more likely imitate colors and patterns found in nature.
The new gorpcore trend takes the basic framework of dressing for the outdoors but adds splashes of bold statement colors. Currently, bright orange is a big color trend for streetwear in 2022.
But sometimes, the best way to fit in means standing out. Bright bold colors exist in nature too.

Embracing the Preppy Life
Certain collegiate styles like sweater vests, slacks, and dress shirts have gotten a glow-up thanks to streetwear trends from the past couple of years.
We see the prep styles we know and love completely redefined and expanded with new trends happening on the runway. Prep always had an association with neatness and clean lines.
Prep streetwear avoids all that. It’s like if you dressed up to go to the golf course hungover. We see the common theme of loose layers and baggy shapes that other streetwear trends embrace.
The prep aesthetic curates wealthy elite style with traditional patterns and key pieces like button-up shirts, varsity jackets, sweater vests, rugby shirts, and surprisingly, loafers.

Fashionable Knitwear
When you think of knitting, you imagine the lumpy sweater someone made for you. It has sentimental value but no fashionable person of taste would be caught dead wearing a knitted sweater at a fancy restaurant, right?
We live in weird times indeed. Because we see another key element cropping up in trending streetwear in 2022. Knitwear, but make it fashion.
Wearing piece knitted might sound strange, but streetwear clothing brands continue to add such pieces. They incorporate eye-catching patterns and their logos onto baggy knitted sweaters.
But to wear this trend well means to wear it wisely. They function as statement pieces by design, not necessarily for functionality.

Streetwear for Kids
With big fashion lines like Ivy Park showcasing young models wearing high fashion pieces and adopting very adult-looking styles, kidswear has become a new essential feature for designers to factor into their brands.
Streetwear trends filter down to the kids’ sections as parents let children define their own style at a very young age. These kids’ styles offer miniature versions of adult versions that their parents wear as well.
Kids growing up in a digital world can now have limitless options for expressing their individuality. You are never too young to add a statement piece to your collection.

A Quick Guide on Wearing Streetwear Trends
While we throw caution to the wind about our style, let’s discuss some trade secrets and streetwear tips so that you can turn heads when you step outside. While the old rules no longer apply, we can learn from the examples seen on celebrities and runway models.
Here we will discuss some fun ways to level up your streetwear fashion sense. Learn how to dress up your favorite casual wear in 2022.

Sneakers with Basically Anything
Sneakers are not just for the gym anymore. They have become the go-to staple accessory for every type of outfit for every occasion.
The streetwear fashion aesthetic favors utility incorporated with style. You can wear sneakers with your favorite dress or a mini skirt, for example.
Wearing sneakers with formal outfits gives the impression that the person wearing the clothes goes places. Major brands like Nike, Vans, and Converse release new lines of highly stylized sneakers for streetwear.
Because if you wear sneakers with your dress, they can’t be boring sneakers. Every piece makes a statement and serves a purpose. Visit this site to stay updated on the best sneaker brands and trends.

Incorporate Luxe Fabrics
Streetwear gives the appearance of utility and functionality. But streetwear trends steer away from functional fabrics. These looks come with a hefty price tag and a reputation for high quality.
Pieces that you would consider cheaply made show up in unexpected ways. Don’t be surprised to find hoodies, sweatpants, and baseball caps made with premium, luxury fabrics.
Streetwear trends give the look of utility and breathability. Luxe designers cater to those qualities while also making high-end pieces. Except they created breathable and easy-to-wear high-end pieces.
As mentioned above, sneakers fall into this category as well. As major sneaker brands create only high-end shoes with quality fabrics that you would not want to ruin on a running trail.

Embrace More Relaxed Clothing Without Dressing Like a Bag Person
While streetwear fashion trends embrace loose silhouettes and favor baggy, oversized pieces, you still need to style these clothes well. That means finding balance in a more relaxed shape without being swallowed whole by it.
Streetwear incorporates many layers, so you can start with an oversized layer that you contrast with a form-fitting sweater vest. If you choose wide-legged pants with a top that fits your frame.

Be Discreet with Logos
You show off your style based on how you put your outfits together. The aesthetic holds more weight than which fashion house you shop from.
To show off too many logos might be seen as gauche by the younger generations, who monopolize the streetwear game. They don’t feel the same attachment to brand status.
We do appreciate logos in moderation. Top fashion brands incorporate their logos onto streetwear fashions but not as the centerfold. Like every other meticulously chosen element, if your outfit has a logo, it adds a pop or makes a statement.

Make Streetwear A Part of the Everyday
You are an adult who spends their adult money on the latest streetwear fashions. What makes these redefined aesthetics and trends unique comes from how people incorporate them into the outfits they wear every day.
Achieve this gradually. Take your time to add simple pieces and layers at first. Start with simplicity and allow yourself to grow more bold and creative over time.
Because of the quality of fabrics and certain elements like the prep aesthetic, you will find it very easy to wear your streetwear to the office (if you still go) or happy hour.
Who says you can’t wear that fancy windbreaker to the club on a Friday night? The rules no longer apply.
Dress in a way that makes you happy. That makes you feel the most you.

How to Find Inspiration
If you look at the runway looks of the 2022-2023 season, you see many top high-end designers making a splash with their interpretation of streetwear. Fashion week functions as the forecaster of what people will be wearing very soon.
If you need more streetwear tips, you should look for inspiration from the music industry. Streetwear has exploded because of the influence of young pop stars and hip-hop artists.
Fashion trends make bold statements by design, and it takes influences from the world it comes from. Look to your favorite pop culture icons to find your aesthetic, to find new ways to show off.
Pay attention to the conversations happening in society in this cultural moment. Having a familiarity with the zeitgeist will give you endless ideas for your personal style.
Check out the best streetwear trends and influencers on Instagram. Let their artistic choices inspire and influence your tastes.

Let Your Street Smarts Guide Your Style
By now, you should have at least a basic beginner’s understanding of how to style an entire streetwear wardrobe. Youth culture no longer exists just for the youth. Though if you do it wrong, they will make fun of you.
You can take a fashion style or an esthetic that you know already exists and play with the boundaries. Repurpose certain pieces in new ways to stand out from streetwear trends.
Keeping up with fashion trends becomes more competitive as trend cycles become shorter. We exist in a time when we communicate through memes and seek out novelty and entertainment more than past generations. Living in weird times, you might as well embrace the uncertainty and abandon your fashion limits.
Dress boldly, grasshopper.

Clothes make a statement

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