Time is invaluable and waiting in long queues even for diagnostic tests can turn anyone’s mood.

It is very difficult and irritating to go to labs to give samples when you are ill. The sight of syringe itself scares you off. Now to your glee services like blood test, egg count tests and more can be done at home in a comfortable environment. Blood samples collected from your house are taken to the lab in specially designed containers to avoid any change in properties of samples. It is also important to maintain suitable temperature and label the products properly so as to avoid any confusion and mismatch in the results derived.

Introducing the ultimate and most convenient way to test yourself from the comfort of your own home.

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LetsGetChecked is committed to providing personal health testing from the comfort of your own home making healthcare and health screening open and patient led. Its time you took control of your personal health.

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You shouldn’t have to inconvenience yourself just to get a test

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