Ever since Amal Clooney stepped out wearing a cream Stella McCartney trouser suit in Venice for her civil service wedding to George Clooney in 2014, we’ve been wondering how the Academy-Award winning actor bagged such a badass, beautiful and humble human rights lawyer.
However, in a recent interview with David Letterman on The Late Show, the 55-year-old – who is now expecting twins with his wife – has revealed how he first started dating Amal, and it’s a scene straight out of a romance novel.

According to PopSugar, the Ocean’s Elevenactor said: “We met in Lake Como. She was a friend of a friend who came to visit and then I chased her for many months, calling and writing, those kinds of things.”
An Italian meet cute and love letters from a Hollywood actor, could it get any better?
After the pair tied the knot – at a wedding attended by the likes of Emily Blunt and Matt Damon – the father-to-be opened up to Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show and reveled it took six months into their relationship before he thought about popping the question to his 39-year-old wife.
Explaining the engagement, he said: ‘I plotted the whole thing out. I had the ring hidden behind her. I had music playing.

‘”Everything was planned out and I’d cooked dinner. And she comes in, and she’s just come back from London, and she’s all dressed up. Usually she’s dressed up and and now she’s like, well maybe we’ll just order in. And I go, no I made dinner,” he added.
Recalling the night, he then noted his wife went to wash the dishes, which gave him time to blow out the candles and ask her to grab the lighter in the box behind her.
“She reached out, she pulled out the box, and I’ve got just the ring sitting in there. And, she pulls it out and she looks at it, and she’s like ‘it’s a ring’,” he said, matter of factly.

I got Down on my knee and said ‘I couldn’t imagine spending the rest of my life without you,’he added, revealing he knows it took exactly 25 minutes to propose to Amal because that’s how long the playlist lasted in the background.
“I literally said, ‘Look I hope the answer is ‘yes’ because I need an answer, I’m 52-years-old and I could throw my hip out soon if I don’t get an answer,'” he joked.
Well, from the looks of it, it seemed to have worked out pretty well for the actor.

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Too romantic

The Oscar-winning actor/director has just let slip how he and his wife, Amal Clooney, first started dating, and it's just too romantic.

We can literally feel the love sparks between these two

They are made for each other

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After all those years George Clooney finally found the one

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