Unless you’re a royal, an employee of the royal household, a politician or a celebrity receiving an OBE (à la Victoria Beckham on Wednesday) there’s more chance of you getting on a space ship to Mars than having the chance to aimlessly wander around Buckingham Palace without a security guard clipping at your heels.
Unless, of course, you’re Michael Fagan, who broke into Queen Elizabeth’s home in 1982 and reportedly visited her bedroom while she was asleep.

So, when you’re dating one of Britain’s most eligible bachelors and have to deal with the rigmarole of the hounding press, undergoing thorough security checks every time you return with the milk from Sainsburys, and are forced to prove you really are Prince Harry’s girlfriend at the gates of Kensington Palace every day, it must become pretty darn tiresome.
However, for Meghan Markle, it appears the rules are null and void.

In a rare decision made by the royal’s security, Prince Harry’s girlfriend is reportedly “waved right through” security at the gates of his home, Kensington Palace, according to US Weekly.
Meanwhile, all other visitors are usually required to bring several forms of identification and have an official invitation from a member of the household.
Talk about VIP access

By Harper’s Bazaar

Meghan has VIP access to the Royal household

Miss style!

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