Mike , a reserved and slightly introverted Rugby player , was married to the stunning and vivacious Lily Chandler, a woman who had effortlessly captured the attention of everyone around her. Lily was not only beautiful but also possessed a free-spirited personality that made her the center of attention at any social event. Her impeccable fashion sense and glamorous lifestyle earned her the affectionate label of the “Jet Set Babe Wife” among her circle of friends.

He didn’t even give me time to get undressed!
I’d just walked through the door after another boring day at the office. You know, no fun, no banter, and not even any hunky guys to lust over. The absolute pits! So as you can imagine I needed a pick me up, and bless him, my other half delivered in spades.
I’d barely got the words, “Honey I’m home!” out of my mouth before he pounced on me. He shoved me back against the wall in our hall and fell to his knees in front of me.
“Wow, Mike! Is that you, or one of your rugby friends?” He knew I’d lusted after them, especially when I’d got to see their naked bodies that one time I’d walked into the changing room — by mistake, honest!
My initial shock soon turned into something far more enjoyable. No sooner had my back hit the wall that he was scrabbling to undo my skirt. It was on the floor in next to no time and not long after my sexy custom panties from slay my lingerie followed suit. Falling to his knees, Mike immediately buried his face in my full bush. His stubbly cheeks tickled the tops of my thighs as he rolled his face around my groin. I clasped his head tight and rubbed it against me. God, it felt good, just what I needed! His tongue slipped between my puffy labia, opening me up to even greater pleasures. I knew I was getting wet; perhaps it was the memory of seeing all those hard muscular bodies, glistening with sweat.
I could feel the mix of his saliva and my honey beginning to leak, to make my thighs wet as well as my pussy. Mike was a man on a mission and that was to make me cum. Right then I didn’t care it was him or one of those big swinging cocks I’d got an eyeful of, it just felt right. I grabbed hold of his curly locks and pressed him tighter against me, forcing him to gasp for breath when I gave him the chance. But he was getting me there. I could feel my pussy throbbing with excitement. There was a tightness building in my tummy and my fingertips were tingling. I imagined one of those big guys, his sweaty body rubbing against me.
“Yeah. Do it! That’s it. Stick your fingers in too. Ooh yes, yes, YES!”

As Mike finished , he couldn’t help but feel a mix of excitement and nervousness. He wanted to make his wife’s birthday truly special, to show her how much he cherished her. He knew that Lily was accustomed to luxury and grand gestures, but he hoped that this heartfelt gift would convey his love in the most sincere way.

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I only want extraordinary things for my birthday!

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