Emma Walker was a woman who possessed an air of sensuality that unsettled those around her. With her flowing chestnut waves and a figure that could turn heads, she had an undeniable allure. Yet, behind her enchanting facade, lied a hunger for excitement that her marriage had failed to satiate.

Her husband, Ken, had always been a devoted partner, but the passions that once burned between them had dwindled over the years. Emma yearned for more – a forbidden thrill that could ignite the flames of desire within her once again.

Luckily Ken is a different breed of Man he understood my need and we agreed on a controlled situation inviting someone yes hot and acceptable but not crossing the line of falling in love to satisfy my need. His name is Terrence a hot specimen of a Man.

Ken showered, changed into a fresh set of clothes, and then left the apartment for Terrence and me to continue our fun. Terrence wasn’t in a hurry to return to work. He mentioned today was supposed to be his day off, and he had visited the office to sign off on some paperwork he had previously left on his desk.
Something suddenly occurred to me that made me sit upright. Terrence was surprised when I left the bed and rushed out of the room. Terrence called my name, but I didn’t stop until I got to the living room and went to peek out of the window curtains. Ken’s window had a view of the western section of the apartment building’s parking lot; the parking lot was in an L-shaped form that took up a quarter of the entire compound. Several cars were there (I picked out mine and Terrence’s beside each other), but I wanted to pick out any vehicle that appeared out of place with the neighbourhood. Anything that appeared too conspicuous.
Terrence came beside me and peeked past the curtains, trying to figure out whatever I was observing.
“You’re turning paranoid, you know,” he remarked with a chuckle.
“I’m sorry, babe. But I know Richard has got somebody out there following me around,” I said. “What are the chances that I return home and he already knows I’m here?”
“At least then he’d know your ass was here, telling me about having a sit-down with him,” Terrence said. “Or ain’t that why you called so we could meet today?”
“That’s part of it,” I admitted, smiling as I let the curtain fall back to its place. “But not all of it.”
“Oh yeah? What’s the other part you’re not telling me?”
“You ought to know, silly you.” I came into his arms and kissed him. “I missed you so much. Being away from you eats at my mind a lot.”
“Then how about we continue from where we left off,” he suggested. “Unless you’re hurrying to be with your husband after me.

Oh don’t be salty you know I’m still in love with hubby this is just a thrill for me. In fact it makes him want him more and seeing you jealous makes me want you more.

Deep down I just knew hubby was watching I knew him too well he had the means he was a billionaire after-all gosh already wet from just knowing….

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Deep down I just knew hubby was watching I knew him too well he had the means he was a billionaire after-all

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