Letter to “Food my Friend”
Dear Friend, you are always there, no matter what time of day it is. When I lose my temper, you calm me down. When I am sad, you cheer me up. You calm me like some kind of fix, whilst I am eating you. We must be very close friends as I can’t live without you. If you went away now, I’d have a huge hole in my life that I could not cope with………

Letter to “Food my Enemy”

Food! You’ve turned me into an incapable freak. I need you and I depend on you. I can’t survive without you. You control all my emotions, you’ve made me so fat I can’t walk. My legs chafe so much where they rub together they bleed. I’m tired and breathless all of the time. You’ve made me a prisoner of my own home

Is this you? So what should you do?

Well, extreme diets that help you lose weight fast could possibly kill you. Examples of these are eat only for your blood type, the baby food diet, the tape worn diet, the nasal tube diet, the Aspire diet. All these sort of diets will lead to the insanity cycle.

It’s better to eat sensibly. We love the S rule, because it’s simple and results in cutting out sugar. Basically Don’t eat anything that starts with an S. Eat moderately and limit to no more than three main meals. But we still recommend a one off meal once a week to indulge. This will help keep your sanity in check especially if you have a food fetish (intimate relationship with food) like quite a lot of us do, so don’t go blushing!

And looking forward to that indulgement will keep you going strong through the week. Saturday or Sunday is perfect for this. Checkout our bucket list for cheat meals this week, which would you go for?

Source : Big Assets

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Cheese pizza with double cheese

5 ingredient crispy parmesan chicken

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Potato bacon cheese balls

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Dessert or main course?

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