Running has always been my go-to exercise; as a younger man I joined several running clubs, and even finished as even finished pretty high up in the 1995 New York Marathon. I spent weeknights and Saturday mornings on the track or in a swimming pool. Cardio is familiar to me, and as I grew up, I stuck with it. Looking back, I realize means I didn’t have the understanding and technique to really benefit from weight training.

After a couple of years of directionless training, plus two injuries and rehab, and a poor diet, I put on weight. That inflamed other, niggling injuries, which made me feel like I just wasn’t at my best. I felt sluggish; my favorite clothes didn’t fit as well, and the new ones seemed to be smaller than I expected. I wanted to get back into marathons, but to do that I need to get fitter, stronger, and healthier. So, I approached Ultimate Performance Manchester for help.
We started with fundamental stuff: monitoring and being consistent with my diet. I went from eating a lot of rich, calorie-laden food, eating it at all times of the day, to something much more sustainable. I’d enjoy a blended berry smoothie in the morning with protein, and three scrambled eggs with spinach in mid-morning. Mid-afternoon and evening, I’d eat lean-meat chili, mainly turkey mince, with lots of vegetables thrown in, including peppers and tomatoes, as well as rice. I also enjoyed a low-fat, high-protein yogurt in the evening mixed with banana, honey, or chia seeds. On the weekend, I could indulge in a nice steak.
We often forget how big an impact diet can have on mood, energy levels, and your ability to train hard and get the best from yourself. Changing what I ate really reminded me of the importance of a foundational diet.
I trained three times a week in the gym, usually from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. I loved getting it done first thing in the morning, which really set me up for the day. I would also run four times a week. I really got my love for running back during this time: my distances increased, and I had no injuries. I didn’t even have aches and pains afterward. Training, losing weight, and fueling my body correctly really helped me regain my fluidity of motion.

It also helped with my energy levels and sleep. I felt mentally sharper, more productive and more creative. People told me that my skin was glowing. Everyone was extremely positive and kind in and out of the gym, complimentary, and really encouraging. My family was very proud and surprised with the results, and I felt like the very best version of myself.
In six months, I lost 24.6 kg (54 pounds), bringing my body fat percentage from 28.2% to 11.6%. I dropped from an extra-large to a medium. I’ve continued training, and now I’m eating more, and building muscle mass. I’m looking to sustain my gains and also increase the number of exercises I have in my toolbox.
It’s great to be able to say that more, better training has helped me avoid injuries. The more I trained, the more I wanted to, and my stamina has gone through the roof. I’m happier, more relaxed, and more motivated; I just feel better about myself.
I think anyone can do this, and if you’re on the fence about it, just go for it. Set clear goals and look for help, whether that’s a professional trainer or just a friend who’ll hold you accountable. You don’t have to change all at once; I’d recommend not putting too much pressure on yourself from session to session. Enjoy your exercises; make sure you rest and refuel correctly.

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