You know those Slaylebrities? The ones with the long, blonde hair, the floppy hats, and that permanent “Who, me?” look on their faces? Micah Gianneli is not one of those girls. Her Instagram feed (with its whopping 888,000 followers) is all cropped silver hair, red lips, over-the-knee boots… and helicopters (seriously). Who better to school us on how to stand out in a crowd?

There are a LOT of fashion bloggers out there. How do you stand out?
I like to stand out by having something different to offer. I think I have that edge and a level of confidence that sets me apart, along with versatility while staying true to my style. I’m also not just a blogger — I’m credible with professional services to offer. Plus my readers and social media peeps claim I got swag — so I’ll take that too!

How have you turned blogging into a business?
I’ve been fortunate to have someone as business minded as my partner Jesse to work with me along the way. That alongside my professional work has helped propel my personal brand and blog. My background in fashion design, as well as styling, art/creative direction, photography, post-production, and web design — I’ve been able to combine these fields and my experiences in all of them to help turn the blog into more than just a ‘thing’. I started blogging for the love of it and I still love it, but more so now that it’s monetized!

Is marketing yourself something that comes naturally to you?
Everything that I do in my fields comes naturally to me now. If it didn’t before, then it sure does now! The longer I’m in this game the more I know and the more confident I become with my own brand and where it’s headed. I’ve worked in the fashion industry for a while so I’ve always understood the necessity and importance of marketing.
What did you want to be when you were little?
I wanted to be a fashion designer. My mum used to design and make clothes for me so I guess it’s in the genes. It’s still something that I would like to pursue and I’ve had some design collaborations, but to have my own label is something I’m considering in the not-too-distant future.

You have a very different look and style from a lot of the other bloggers. Is that a conscious move?
It’s a mixture of both — subconsciously I just do my thing, but consciously I steer away from these stereotypes to focus on my own style.
What are your favorite looks you’ve featured on the blog?
For me, the newest outfit or post needs to be better than the last so it’s hard to say as I’m never completely satisfied – it gives me something to chase!

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