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I don’t think anybody can top this. It was reported to me by one of my clients at Cuckolds, Inc., my cuckold adventure consulting firm. His name was Stan. He had a very specific cuckold fantasy in mind, and I helped him make it happen. Here’s a report I asked him to write up as a recommendation for others wanting to use my service. It’s pretty hot stuff.

You want it, although you know it’s wrong. You married your wife and she pledged fidelity. Now you are asking her to break that pledge. Not only that, you are asking her to break that sacred pledge for one reason and one reason only — your prurient pleasure.

You want to turn your marriage into your own private porno show, starring your wife.

Let’s not sugarcoat it, that’s what you want to do when you have a cuckold fantasy.

With Colt’s help, I was able to experience quite a delightful violation of our marriage vows.

We decided to really get to the heart of the matter, you know.

So we arranged, with a bull that Colt introduced to us, to have a kind of profane “unwedding,” where the bull acts as the “officiator.”

Where my wife takes back her vows of fidelity.

And the bull asks me if I consent to it.

It was so exciting, I can’t begin to tell you.

The build-up to the unwedding was kind of like the build-up to an actual wedding.

My wife spent a lot of time working on “the dress.” You know it didn’t seem right for her to be wearing white to the unwedding. She enlisted the help of her most trusted confidante and friend Leslie, who would kind of act as the maid of honor for the unwedding. They found a real sexy red dress made out of soft crepe material that was just so flattering to her slim, fit figure.

Then there was the guest list. Since my wife Rachelle had told her best friend, I figured it would be appropriate to tell my best friend, Nathan, the guy who had actually been my best man when I got married to Rachelle. He knew about my cuckold fetish, that I liked to watch cuckold porn and so on. But he was quite surprised that I was actually going to go through with it.

“Alright, dude, if that’s what you want, I support you,” he said.

We decided we would just wear khakis, a button-down shirt, and a blazer. No tuxedo for the unwedding.

We didn’t know what the bull was going to wear.

The “rehearsal” dinner.

Well, it wasn’t exactly the same as a rehearsal dinner for a wedding. For the unwedding, on the night before the event, we all five of us met up at a bar near us. That way, we would get to meet the bull. His name was Carl. He was like a gym guy, you know. Super cut and super macho. And super nice. We all liked him a lot.

After having a few drinks and good time together, it was time to go.

“So, honey, you all good with this,” I asked. “I mean, you seem to be getting along with Carl pretty well.”

“Yeah, I’m good with it,” she said, and she smiled sexily at Carl.

“Carl, you okay with it?” I asked.

“Yeah, your wife is very beautiful, sexy and charming,” he said. “I am really looking forward to it.”

“Well, should we seal the deal with a kiss?”

“Yes!” cheered my best man Nathan and my wife’s maid of honor, Leslie. “Kiss her, kiss her! Kiss her!”

We were all chanting it like silly kids. My wife was embarrassed. But then Carl went in and planted a nice long kiss on her lips, and we all cheered some more.

After about 30 seconds Carl pulled away from the kiss and my wife’s face was flushed. She looked so shy and embarrassed, but turned on too.

“How was it?” cried her girlfriend. “Is he a good kisser?”

“Really good,” smiled my wife, and Carl smiled bashfully. I guess he was pretty pleased.

“Well, we’ll see you all tomorrow at our place at 8pm.”

The unwedding took place the next day. My wife wore the red dress, her maid of honor wore a similar crepe dress, and we were there in our blazers.

Carl appeared in a nice tuxedo and bow tie. He looked very dignified, holding the little printout I had given him of what I wanted him to say. It’s something I had worked out carefully with Colt’s help, along with Rachelle.

“Alright, let’s get started,” I said.

I pressed play on my iPhone.

The “Here Comes the Bride” song played, and Rachelle and her maid of honor walked into the room arm in arm, and met me and my best man at the “altar,” which was just a kind of podium we had set up at the front of the room. Carl was standing behind the podium.

When the song finished I squeezed my wife’s hand and gave her a nice smile and mouthed, “Thank you,” because I was so excited. My heart was racing and my balls were aching, you know.

“Dearly beloved,” read Carl. “We are gathered here tonight to witness the temporary unwedding of Rachelle and Stan, who have been married happily for six years and are ready to mix it up a little.”

He turned to me and my best man.

“Stan, did you and your best man Nathan come here today prepared with a pass or permission slip forgiving your wife of her sexual fidelity duties for just one occasion?”

“We did,” I said, looking over at my best man, who was holding out the “permission slip” we had created.

“Hand it to Stan, now please,” said Carl.

Nathan handed me the pass.

“Go ahead and hold the pass out to your wife,” said Carl. “Rachelle, please put your hands on the pass.”

My wife and I held the pass, while Carl read the permission that was granted to her. Then she took the pass, and gave it to her maid of honor, who put it into her purse for safekeeping. Then Carl turned to my wife.

“As we discussed earlier, Rachelle, did you wear your wedding ring to this celebration.”

“I did.”

“Are you willing to remove your wedding ring and give it to me for safekeeping?”

“I am,” said Rachelle, shyly.

“Then do so now please.”

Rachelle glanced at me, and then she slowly removed the wedding ring I had placed on her finger six years ago. Carl held out his hand and she let it drop in his palm.

“Shit,” I thought, remembering that it had cost six thousand dollars. “I hope I get that back.”

“Now that you have removed the band that bound you in sexual fidelity to Stan, you are temporarily free to act as you wish sexually, do you understand that?”

“I do,” she said.

“How do you feel about that?” he said, looking at her intensely.

My wife giggled a little.

“Pretty good, I guess,” she said, and we all laughed.

“Well then, I now pronounce you, man and wife temporarily no more,” he said. “You may kiss me.”

And she came up to Carl. They had a long kiss.

“And now, I’m going to make love to your beloved wife, Stan,” he said, looking at me intensely. “Do you understand that?”

“Yes,” I said, gulping. There was something very intense welling up inside me then. And Carl sensed it.

“That feeling you’re feeling right now,” Carl said. “That’s the gold, right?”

“Yes,” I gulped.

“That jealousy and fear and desperation, combined with the erotic pleasure you’re getting from watching me rub your wife’s bare shoulders…”

He was, in fact, rubbing her bare shoulders, and she was practically panting with anticipation.

“That’s what you’re here for, buddy,” explained Carl. “Watching your wife slip away from you like this, into another man’s arms.”

Then he took her by the hand and he walked her over to the bed, as the usual wedding exit song played, you know the one.

Oh, I almost forgot, the maid of honor and the best man threw some confetti on the two of them, and we all sort of followed in a procession over to the bed that had been set up in our living room where the L-shaped couch usually was. We had taken that out and brought our mattress from upstairs just for this occasion.

“Are you watching her slip away?” he called to me as he stood with my wife by the bed.

“Yes,” I gulped.

“And now, watch as she presents her naked body to me, a stranger, and you will feel a thrill like nothing you’ve ever imagined, I promise you.”

“Thank you,” I said, as he took the straps of my wife’s dress down over her shoulders and her dress fell to the floor. She stood almost breathless before him in just her panties now.

“She’s mine, Stan, can you see it?” Carl said then. I looked at my wife’s eyes, the way she gazed up at this “real man.” That was a look of adoration I’d certainly never seen in my wife’s beautiful eyes.

“I see it, sir,” I said. I don’t know why, but it was at that moment that I began addressing him as sir, you know, as he was demonstrating his dominance over me.

He took a long lick of each of my wife’s nipples then, and he looked at me with a lurid look.

“De-lish-us,” he said slowly.

Then the real “ceremony” began.

“Oh my God,” I heard her maid of honor gasp as he pulled her onto the bed and they embraced, kissing each other and sighing deeply with pleasure. “She’s actually doing it. I thought it might have been some kind of prank, but…oh my God…”

“Yeah, they’re not pranking,” said my best man. “I mean look at Stan here.”

I had my khaki pants at my ankles and was masturbating as I watched my wife kissing this stranger.

“Oh my God,” said Leslie. “Look at how small he is. I mean, that’s got to be like three inches!”

“Yeah,” said Nathan. “But wait till you see how big Carl’s is. Stan told me it was huge in the photos.”

“Yeah, well dick pics can lie,” said Leslie. “I can attest to that. But whatever. It’s so sweet. He loves her so much he wants her to have a big dick for a change. I get it, I totally get it.”

Carl was sucking hard on her nipples, which were swelling up enormously, and Rachelle was sighing and panting and moaning very loudly as he slipped his hand into her panties and rubbed her pussy.

Then he took the finger that had been on my wife’s pussy and put it in his mouth. He turned to me again.

“Absolutely de-lish-us,” he said.

I swallowed hard. I didn’t think this lump of extreme pleasure and panic in my throat could grow any bigger, but now my throat was just pounding with it.

“That’s fucking hot, dude,” said Nathan. He held up a hand. I took a break from jerking off and high-fived him.

“Mind if I join you dude?”

“Not at all,” I said.

My best man dropped his khakis then and started stroking his erection as we watched Carl slowly pulling down my wife’s panties, revealing her delicious-looking, freshly coiffed pussy.

“Would you look at that!” said Carl. “Stan, it’s your wife’s pussy.”

“Yes it is, sir,” I said.

“And it’s mine to enjoy now, isn’t it, Stan?”

“Absolutely,” I said. “It’s all yours, sir.”

“Damn right it is,’ he said. “I’m gonna eat your wife’s pussy, Stan. What do you think about that, buddy?”

“I’m very happy about it,” I said.

He started licking my wife’s clit.

“Enjoying yourself, baby?” I asked.

She couldn’t answer. She was just so carried away by the pleasure. He licked and licked and then she let out a big holler and lifted her butt up off the bed.

“Oh, she’s cumming, sir, you made her cum!” I said.

“Oh Jesus, I’m getting so fucking horny watching this,” said her Maid of Honor. “Fuck it, if they can do it, I can do it.”

She pulled a vibrator out of her purse, sat back in my reclining chair, and put the vibrator under her dress to her crotch.

“Oh, oh, yes, that feels so good,” she said. “So good…”

And we were all watching as our Bull pulled his tuxedo pants off and presented his eight-inch hard-on to my wife’s mouth.

“And now, Stan, we’re almost there. Almost there, buddy. But before I fuck the shit out of your sweet ass wife, I want her to do just this one thing to really make a cuckold out of you, OK?”


“I want you to watch her take this big dick of mine all the way into her throat,” he said. “How would that be?”

“Fucking awesome,” I said.

“Suck it, baby,” he said.

And we all got into that.

“Suck it, baby,” I said, and Nathan said, and even Leslie said it.

“Yeah, suck it hard, baby,” she called.

My wife knelt before him naked on the bed as he stuck his big dick into her mouth, and she slurped it up.

“Oh yeah, baby, that’s good, that’s so good,” he said.

So we all watched her suck Carl’s dick for a while. At one point he held her head and held it tight as he deep-throated her and I became extremely anxious like he was suffocating her.

When he finally released her and pulled out his cock she was sputtering and spitting a bit.

“You OK, hon?” I asked, concerned.

“Never better,” she said, catching her breath.

That made us all laugh.

“So, Stan,” Carl said in a very serious tone. “The time has come. You have a choice to make. I mean, your wife has still not really committed adultery, technically. You still have a chance to pull the plug on this whole thing. In a minute I’m going to fuck your wife. Are you OK with that?”

“Of course,” I said bravely. “By all means, sir.”

“But I want you to understand,” he went on. “It’s not just fucking her. I’m going to give your wife several deep, deep vaginal orgasms. And I guarantee you that you’ve never heard or seen anything like this before. It can be quite confronting, to see a real man satisfying your own wife in a way that you’ve never even come close to doing.”

“That’s what I want to see, sir,” I said. “That’s why you’re here.”

“Right on,” he said.

“OK baby,” he addressed Rachelle. “I want you to get on top of me and use me for your pleasure, you understand?”

My wife nodded.

Carl lay back on the bed and my wife got on top of him, and pushed her pussy down onto his big cock. She started sighing with pleasure.

“I’m so fucking jealous right now,” said her maid of honor, and I think I heard her switching her vibrator onto super high gear.

My best man, too, punched up his masturbating and moaning.

“Oh yeah, baby, take that big cock,” he said. “Take it.”

It was about three minutes into fucking him that she started making “the noise.”

“You hear that!” Carl shouted over to me, excitedly. “That’s it, Stan. I’m hitting her in just the right spot. Aren’t I baby? You like that, huh?”

“Oh God, oh God,” my wife moaned.

Jesus fucking Christ. To see her like that. It was exactly how he had described it — kinda confronting but kinda super awesome at the same time. She was, well, the word that comes to mind is “released.” Like he had freed her from some sort of cage, and now she was experiencing her wildest side, as she pressed her pussy down harder and harder on his big cock, and faster and faster. And the moaning became really plaintive and desperate.

“She’s gonna cum, Stan,” Carl announced. “There’s no stopping it now. It’s rising, up, up, up inside her. It’s coiling up like a snake. The vaginal orgasm. It’s happening. It’s about to happen. Tell me when you get there honey. Tell all of us. Let us know. Let us share it. OK?”

“OK,” my wife said. And now she started just twerking his cock like crazy, I saw her ass bouncing up and down, as she had a vice-like grip on his shoulders and just went off the chain.

“I’m cumming!!!” she yelled finally.

“Me too!” said my best man, and I saw a huge fountain of cum shoot out of his dick onto the floor.

“I’m cumming too!” cried the Maid of Honor. “I’m cumming so fucking hard!”

“Oh, oh, oh!” my wife cried. “Oh, oh, oh! God!”

And I saw on her face there were tears coming out of her eyes. She obviously had never experienced anything like this before. She looked like she was about to collapse on the bed.

“No, no, baby,” said Carl. “Stay there. I know you’re tired, baby. But now that you’ve opened up, there are three or four more of those orgasms that will happen right away if you keep going. Trust me. Keep going, baby. Use me for even more of your pleasure. Use me, baby.”

“Oh!” my wife said, and she started moving her ass up and down again. “I’m using you. I’m using you. I’m using you!!! OHHHH!”

“Hear that, Stan? You hear it? What does that sound mean? That whining sound.”

“You’re hitting the spot again.”

“Bingo,” he said. “She can’t stop it now. It’s gonna really surge. You know, when it rains it pours.”

“I’m cumming again!” she said, and her hips went spasmodic for a second on top of him, her eyes widened and she screamed bloody murder.

“That’s it, baby, that’s it,” said Carl, and he stroked her long hair tenderly. “Such a beautiful woman. This is such a treat for me, opening you up like this. Seeing a whole new side of you being born. Good girl.”

And soon she did it again, and then a fourth time.

He was right. He gave her four orgasms and then she couldn’t take it any more. She fell off him onto the bed.

“OK Stan, another moment of choice for you, my friend,” said Carl. “I mean, your wife fucked me, but I didn’t really fuck her yet. I’m not sure that you can handle me really fucking her. I mean, I get really forceful and I fuck really, really deep and hard and for a long time. I become like an animal when I get a gorgeous piece of ass like this. I just go nuts on it. Are you sure you can handle that?”

“I’m sure, sir,” I said. “I’ve been loving every minute of this, really.”

“You’re not feeling any panic or fear or regret?”

“Of course I am!” I confessed. “My mind is completely fucking blown, OK. I can’t believe we’re actually going through with this and it’s actually happening, but yes, I think I can handle you fucking the shit out of my wife, sir. You go ahead.”

“Alright, get on all fours, honey,” said Carl.

My wife got on her hands and knees on the bed. And Carl took her from behind. Like a beast. He was right. He just hammered her. He railed her hard, and held her arms tight in his strong hands as he thrust his dick deeper and deeper inside her like he was a jackhammer and she was some sort of sidewalk.

My wife was kind of speaking in tongues, lolling her head back and forth and crying, “Yes, yes, it’s so good, so good, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.”

“Holy shit, dude,” my best friend said, looking over at me with wide eyes. I guess he had never seen a man fuck so hard. Me, I’ve seen it. I’ve watched a lot of porn, that is. I’d never seen it in real life though. It was different in real life. For a while there, the two of them on the bed took on the identity of creatures, strange creatures, mating in front of us, like lions mating on the savannah. It’s like it wasn’t my wife any more. It was this creature, with this other creature.

Then, exhausted, Carl pulled out of her.

“Stay right there, honey,” he said to her.

My wife stayed on all fours, mumbling to herself. I don’t know what she was saying.

“Well this is it, Stan,” announced Carl. “This is the moment we spoke about. Are you ready to go all the way here, like we planned? There’s still time to back out. I mean, we’ve had good fun. There’s no need to go all the way, unless you want to.”

“I want to,” I said. “Do you want to, Rachelle?”

“Yes!” my wife said emphatically. “I want it! I want it!”

“OK,” said Carl. “Do you have the lube?”

“My best man has it,” I said.

Alright, best man, why don’t you come up here and put the lube on her asshole. And you, maid of honor, you come up here too, and help spread her butt cheeks apart, the two of you, one on each buttcheek. I think Stan would like to watch that, wouldn’t you, Stan?”

“Sure, if it’s OK with Rachelle.”

“It’s fine,” said my wife.

Consent, as you always stressed Colt, is very important in things like this. We hadn’t discussed involving these other two people, so I wanted to be sure it was OK.

So then my best man went up and put some lube on my wife’s ass. And her best friend held her buttcheeks apart.

And I masturbated myself right to the edge of orgasm, as he ever so gently and slowly put that huge thing in her asshole.

“Oh, oh,” my wife cried, and it seemed like it was a little painful.

“You OK, honey?” I asked.

“Uh huh! Uh huh! All good!”

Soon he was all the way in.

“Spread those cheeks wider, you two, so Stan can see his wife’s butthole real good as it’s fucked by a real man’s cock,” commanded Carl. They pulled her ass cheeks apart. I saw my wife’s asshole kind of stretching, as he put his dick back in there. There was no more pain. It was just pleasure now, as Carl thrust in and out, slowly, steadily, deeply. And then a little faster. I heard that plaintive whine of my wife’s again.

“You hear that, Stan,” he said. “She’s gonna cum again. If it’s OK with you, maybe one of your helpers can rub her clit and the other one can put a finger in her cunt, and you just watch what happens. Is it OK, Rachelle?”

“Sure,” she said. “It’s OK.”

So I watched my best man finger fucking her, while her maid of honor was rubbing her clit, and the whining and the moaning became louder and I knew she was going to cum soon.

“I’m gonna cum too, baby,” said Carl. “I’m gonna cum in your ass. Is that OK!”

“Cum in my ass!” she screamed.

“Arghhhhhhhh!” cried Carl. He thrust deep into her and held it there as he came.

My wife came.

And finally I let myself blow.


I shot a big load of cum into the air and fell backwards. I kinda passed out.

From the ground, I watched as Carl emerged from the bed where the three of them were collapsed.

I watched him put on his tuxedo and shoes.

“OK everybody,” he said. “I’ll catch you all on the flip side.”

He walked past me, and I hardly noticed it, but he slipped the wedding ring back in my hand and headed out the door. That was the last I saw of him.

“Jesus,” I heard the maid of honor say. “Did that just happen or did I just dream all of it?”

“I think it all happened,” said my best man.

My wife sat up, putting a sheet over her bare breasts. She was suddenly modest now. She looked over at me slyly. Her skin was a deep flushed color, like she’d never had so much blood flowing through her body.

“Did you have fun, honey?” she asked me, biting her lip.

“God yes,” I said.

Then I went over to the bed.

“Here, give me your hand.”

She held out her hand and I slipped the ring onto her finger.

“Aw…” said the maid of honor. “You’re husband and wife again.”

“You may kiss the bride, Stan,” said my buddy.

I gave my wife the most tender, softest, most loving kiss and told her how much I loved her.

“I love you too,” she said.

And ever since that moment, Colt, we have been like the closest, most angelic husband and wife, and our life has been heavenly. She’s the woman of my dreams. Can you imagine another wife who would play out a husband’s most wild fantasy like that? I mean, she’s the greatest.

Don’t you agree?


Don’t worry your escapades are safe with us.








I help you make your fantasies COME totally true!

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