All I know is I didn’t get here by looking unsexy…

You wouldn’t think that psychological studies would be sexy, but I got so aroused when I read through what was in those binders. I couldn’t believe Diana actually picked me for the study. Aside from the fact that it was going to be so important for the research center, it was also going to be incredibly fun for me. I mean, how many people get to legally have sex as part of their job? I tried to ignore how excited I was becoming, but every time a man from the lab spoke to me, or even walked by my desk, I felt as though I could jump him right then and there, and start acting out the conditions of the study. I’m sure some of my coworkers would have been game, but I knew I had to focus and stay fresh for the research. I was going to be having a lot of sex the next day, and I didn’t know how I was going to handle it all.

But I couldn’t wait to try. Despite the fact that I promised myself I would keep it fresh downstairs, by the time I got home from work, I couldn’t stand it anymore — my horniness was just too distracting, too much to take. The minute I walked through the door, I stripped off my clothes, leaving a trail from the front door to my bedroom, and went straight for my sex drawer — the bottom drawer of my dresser where I kept my toys, lube, condoms, you name it. I grabbed my favorite nine-inch dildo, laid down on the bed, spread my legs wide, and went to town on my come box.

The blinds in my bedroom were wide open, and I hoped that the hot guy next door would peek through his window and watch me fucking myself so hard. I shoved the dildo in and out of my dripping wet pussy, feeling the juices ooze through my fingers. It didn’t take long for me to come — the heat started building up between my legs the minute Diana told me about the study. It was all so delicious — all that research, all those men, all that sex. I shivered and came a second time as I wondered who would be participating in my study, and what all those hard cocks would look like together in one room. The idea was so hot — a room full of rock hard guys who were there just for me. When I got into the shower, I thought about what I should wear to get their attention.

I was already soaked between my legs.

I spent the rest of the evening reading through the study information, taking notes, and preparing what I would say and how I would behave. This was one of those times that I got the opportunity to really ooze sex from every pore of my body.

“Sex and science,” I thought. “This really is the best job ever.”

I decided not to go to work dressed like a complete hooker — I was a professional after all — even though inside I felt like one. I wore a tight, low-cut sweater, a short skirt, and sexy underwear. I didn’t know if the men would be turned on by my outfit, but when they saw what we would be doing, there was no way they wouldn’t rise to this occasion. I was so excited that I almost got into a fender bender rushing to work. I just couldn’t wait to get there.

When I got into the office, Diana was waiting for me at my desk.

“I hope you’re ready for today. This is going to be a big step in your career. We’re all rooting for you.”

“I’m so ready for this, Diana,” I said. I hoped that she interpreted my excitement as enthusiasm for my job and not horniness for the men. “I did so much work last night to prepare. I can’t wait to get started.”

“Great,” said Diana. “All of the study subjects are set up in the test center, so we can get started right away. You have a long day ahead of you. I hope you got a good night’s sleep.”

As we walked to the test center, my heart pounded through my sweater, and I could feel my nipples getting hard as they rubbed against the fabric. Diana walked a couple of paces ahead of me, and I hoped she wouldn’t turn around and see my nipples doing the dance of joy before the study even began.

When we got to the test center, I felt mini-orgasms rippling through my body at the sight of a few dozen hot, hard, half-naked men wearing nothing but tighty whities and a blood pressure cuff. It was as if Diana had read my mind: I hate boxers because they leave way too much to the imagination. I had assumed that since the subjects would be hooked up to a plethysmograph, they would all be wearing boxer shorts to give them enough room for the device. I was pleasantly surprised that these small rings used to measure the flow of blood to the penis fit nicely inside of briefs, so I could get a nice peep show while I was working. The research was off to a great start — and it would only get better.

Some of the study subjects were already sporting their erections when we walked into the room. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to have that job. God, how I love science!

I closed my eyes, leaned all the way back, and didn’t even think about the men watching me.

“Good morning, gentlemen,” Diana said as she walked to the front of the room and sat on top of the huge, mahogany desk. She motioned for me to sit next to her, and I made sure to hike up my skirt so the study subjects would get in the right mood. There was a reclining chair next to the desk, which was where I would perform the conditions of the study.

“As you already know, we are conducting a study to measure the types of sexual stimuli that men best respond to,” she continued. “I see that my other researcher has already hooked you up to the equipment, so we will be looking at how much your blood pressure goes up as you’re exposed to a stimulus — as well as how each study condition gets your blood pumping downstairs.”

I couldn’t speak for the men, but I knew I was feeling all tingly and warm downstairs. My heart was certainly pumping and I could hardly concentrate on what my boss was saying.

“You each have a notebook to record exactly what you’re thinking throughout the day,” Diana explained. “We also want to measure your mental and emotional responses to the stimuli, so every five minutes, you need to write down what’s on your mind and what you’re feeling as you watch the study conditions. Does everyone understand?”

They all nodded in unison. I wiggled around on top of the desk, hoping Diana wouldn’t notice, but that every man in the room would.

“You’ve already met my other researcher, Peter, but he won’t be participating in the study conditions. He will come around and monitor your blood pressure regularly and answer any questions you have.”

I had no idea one of my coworkers would be involved in the study, and I felt a twinge of embarrassment when I saw Peter standing up in the back of the room. What would he think of me? How could I work with him again after he saw me doing all those dirty things with all those different men? We’d always had a really good working relationship; I hoped that it wouldn’t be ruined by this. On the other hand, Peter was an extremely attractive man, so I thought that maybe after the study was finished, if he enjoyed the view, it could lead to a nasty office affair.

The things I do in the name of science.

“I understand that Peter has already had you sign your release forms to participate in the study,” Diana continued. “As he explained, there are four conditions in the study, and randomly-selected participants will act out these conditions with Abby, the lead researcher.”

“I’ve already made the assignments, Diana,” Peter chimed in from the back of the room.

“Great! Well, I guess I’ll leave you to get started,” she said. As Diana walked back to the door and grabbed the knob, she reminded me that if I needed anything, she would be in her office all day. “But I suspect you can handle this all by yourself, Abby.” She chuckled and left the room.

When Diana shut the door, I started feeling nervous and reluctant. I had never been the lead researcher on any study, much less a study that required me to perform sexually for a room full of hot and horny men. But it was my job, and I didn’t want to let my boss down. And let’s face it, how often was I going to get the opportunity to act out sexually like this at work with the blessing of my employer?

I opened my notebook and began. “Hi guys. My name is Abby. I don’t really know what to say, and since Diana and Peter have pretty much explained everything to you, I guess we should jump right into the conditions of the study. Who will be participating in Condition One?”

I saw a hand shoot up from the middle of the room. He didn’t know what the condition was yet, but the bulge he already had in his undies showed he was up for anything.

I couldn’t stand it anymore — my horniness was just too distracting, too much to take.

“Okay, you need to come up here and sit at the desk. Peter will help you adjust the monitoring equipment so it doesn’t come off.”

Peter and Subject Number One came to the front of the room, and I prepared myself for the condition — which was how the participants would respond when watching me masturbate, and when the first participant masturbated me. I sat in the recliner, pulled my skirt up to my belly, and started running my fingers up and down my underwear. I closed my eyes, leaned all the way back, and didn’t even think about the men watching me. I was already soaked between my legs, and I put my hand underneath my panties and started furiously massaging my clit. My fingers became sticky with my wetness, and I wanted to stroke my clit until I came, but I knew I had to get the participant in on the act before I would be able to orgasm. I motioned for him to come closer, so he moved his chair next to mine.

“Okay,” I said, breathing heavily. “I need you to finish masturbating me now to complete this condition.”

He enthusiastically obliged. As he dug two of his fingers deep inside of me, I continued fingering my clit, around and around and around. Part of me wondered if I was technically cheating — since we were both working me at the same time — but I got so engrossed in the moment that I couldn’t bring myself to stop doing it.

Subject Number One fucked me deeply with his fingers, ramming all of his digits in and out of me until I could feel my pussy walls tightening around them. I glanced over at him and saw how hard his cock was and how much his blood pressure had gone up. I wasn’t wearing a cuff, but I know mine was off the charts when I came.

As I composed myself, I reminded Subject Number One that he needed to write down what he was thinking about and how he was feeling. I watched him lick my pussy juices off his fingers, and grab the pen and small notebook that rested on his leg. I pulled my skirt down and told the men that we would be taking a short break. I left the room feeling flustered, and on my way to the bathroom, I couldn’t believe how exhausted I was after only one study condition. There were three more to go and I didn’t know how I was going to finish them all without collapsing in ecstasy.


Don’t worry your escapades are safe with us.








All I know is I didn’t get here by looking unsexy…

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