I have a deep arousing effect on him!
I’m Obsessed With My Best Friend’s Wife
She’s always had a deep, arousing effect on me.

I’d known Paul since high school. Back then, I was the popular one. I could date almost any girl I wanted. Paul preferred a long-term relationship. It’s also when he met Cassie. They dated for years and eventually got married.

“I’m making some coffee,” Cassie said, standing up.

“I’ll have one,” Paul said.

“Me too,” I added from my side of the couch.

I tried not to stare. But I couldn’t keep my eyes off her plump tits bouncing in her shoestring top. Even though she was wearing a bra underneath, her nipples still created visible little bumps through the layers.

“Where are you going on holiday this year, Paul?” my wife, Julie, asked.

Their conversation faded into the background. I stared at Cassie’s ass as she made her way to the kitchen. Her tight leggings hugged her round thighs. I could see the faint outline of her panties pressing through the tight material.

“Don’t you agree?” Julie asked me.

I nodded my head, not knowing what they were talking about. My obsession with Cassie grew slowly over the years. At first, it felt like a crush. I knew it was more when I started imagining her face when I fucked Julie. When Cassie was all I could think about when I masturbated in the shower.

“You daydreaming there?” Paul chuckled.

“Sorry, my mind was wandering,” I said as both he and my wife stared at me.

I’d grown erect at the thought of Cassie. Imagining her big tits flopping up and down as she rode me.

“I’ll be right back,” I said, as they continued talking about holidays.

I walked into the kitchen where Cassie was making the coffee. She was bent over tossing some laundry into the washing machine. Her leggings strained over her ass cheeks.

“Can I help?” I asked.

“Thanks, Will. I’m almost done,” she said.

I wanted to peel her legging and panties back over her ass and fuck her right there. Enjoy her body the way Paul has all these years.

Cassie stood up, her long hair falling back over her shoulders. I caught a whiff of her perfume. Fresh, floral, and sexy.

“Do you mind putting the basket in the bathroom?” she asked, handing it to me.

My fingers grazed hers. It sent a tingle down my spine.

“Sure, Cassie,” I said.

I walked to the bathroom and set it down. I opened the lid and noticed some laundry was still inside. Including a pair of her worn panties. Pink with lacy trim. I reached inside and pulled them out, feeling the soft cotton. Her perfect pussy had been snug inside these not too long ago. Cassie’s intoxicating scent still lingered on the gusset.

I turned around to close the door…

“Will?” Cassie called from the kitchen.

“Yeah?” I said, peeking around the corner.

“Can you help me with my bra? It’s hurting me and I can’t unclip the back,” Cassie said.

I watched as she lifted her top, flashing her perfect mounds squashed together in her bra. She turned around.

“Here,” she said, struggling to unclip it.

“Uh, where are Paul and Julie?” I asked, glancing into the lounge.

“It’s really hurting me,” she insisted.

“Oh, right,” I said.

I unclipped the bra after struggling for a few seconds. Cassie turned around and pulled the bra up, allowing her busty chest to fall out.

“Shit,” I mumbled.

Her nipples were big and puffy. No wonder they pressed through her shirt.

“Do you like them?” she asked, lifting her heavy boobs.

After all these years. Actually seeing Cassie’s tits. Not the outline in a tight shirt. Not her nipples pressing through her top. Not the smooth spheres ready to pop out the top. But her actual, naked breasts.

“They’re amazing,” I said.

I grabbed hold of them, my fingers digging into her flesh as I felt their weight. Without thinking, I leaned forward and wrapped my lips around her dark areola. My tongue swirled around her erect nipple, causing it to grow even more.

“That feels so good,” she whispered.

I switched to her other nipple, my hands feeling the warmth under her big tits. I massaged both, Cassie’s moaning causing my cock to strain inside my jeans.

“Kiss me,” she said.

I looked up. Cassie ran her tongue over her plump, pink lips.

“I know you want to,” she continued.

I planted my lips on hers. She grabbed my waist and pulled me close, my erection pressing against the front of her leggings. Cassie slipped her tongue into my mouth, and I sucked on it, tasting her.

Suddenly she pushed me back. Biting her bottom lip, she pulled the top of her leggings down over her hips. I watched as her panties peeled off her smooth, shaven mound.

“Fuck, Cassie, you’re the most perfect woman I’ve ever seen,” I whispered.

She turned around, showing me her round ass propped up by the tight leggings bunched just under it. Cassie grabbed her cheeks and parted them, revealing her tight opening and glistening pussy.

“Come fuck me, Will. I know you want to,” she said, bending over the counter.

I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled my hard, throbbing erection out.

“You can taste me if you want,” she said.

I watched as Cassie slipped a finger into her slit. A wet squelch filled the kitchen as she played with herself. I pulled her hand out and sucked on her fingers, tasting her sweet cunt.

Cassie moaned as I pressed my cock against her swollen lips from behind.

“This is actually happening,” I thought to myself.

I watched as my tip plopped inside her tight opening.

“Uh!” she whimpered, gripping the side of the counter.

Her pussy gripped my shaft as I squeezed it into her. I grabbed her hips, my fingers sinking into her soft flesh.

“Ah!” I grunted, shoving myself into her as deep as I could.

“Fuck, that’s good,” she muttered.

I started fucking her hard, slamming my pelvis into her ass. Her cheeks bounced against my body with each hard thrust.

Flup! Flup! Flup!

Her gripping canal massaged my pulsating cock as it pumped in and out of her. I continued drilling her into the counter as she whimpered and moaned.

“Lift your body a bit,” I panted.

I slipped my hands under her upper body so I could grip her tits and tug her nipples while I railed her. Cassie’s moaning grew louder and more intense.

“Cum inside me, Will!” she cried out.

The next moment she started trembling. Her pussy pulsated around my cock as an orgasm ripped through her body. I pounded Cassie as hard as I could. My balls started to tighten. I was going to cum inside her.

“Argh!” I grunted.

I exploded, sending reams of creamy seed deep into her womb. Cassie’s ass bounced hard against me as cum started oozing out of her pussy.

“On my tits!” she shrieked.

Cassie turned around and went onto her knees in front of me. Before I could say anything, she grabbed my veiny cock and jerked me off like a maniac. I watched as more reams of cum shot across her ample tits and into her gaping mouth.

“Hmmm,” she smiled, looking up at me with glazed eyes.

My cum dripped off her flushed chest onto the floor…

“Will, are you still in there?” a voice shouted followed by a bang on the bathroom door.

“Shit,” I mumbled, looking at the mess I’d made on the bathroom floor.

Her pink panties were wrapped around my pulsating cock, the gusset soaked in semen.

“I’ll be right out,” I croaked.

“Don’t be long, your coffee is getting cold,” Cassie called back.

I wiped up the rest of my cum with the underwear.

I’d need to take them home with me.


Don’t worry your escapades are safe with us.








I have a deep arousing effect on him!

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