There’s nothing like enjoying your childhood. Infact most people look back and wish they could go back to those innocent years when they had no troubles. Those special years of innocence cannot be bought for any amount of money.

So it deeply saddens us, when we see a child denied of these special years as a result of an illness.

We ask all our slay readers to take some time to read the story of a lady trying to help a child who is in great need of all our help.

“I am writing this story with a heavy heart,on behalf of a family who hold a special place in my life. Inaaya,a beautiful baby girl,was born the 06/11/16. In her short life she has brought love & joy to her family,but this threatens to be cut short as she faces a life threatening diagnosis.
On the 28th of Jan 2017 Inaaya took ill and after several tests & a 5 hour blood transfusion,her parents where given the news that their baby girl has Wolmans disease.
It is a rare condition found in babies which means they cannot produce an enzyme which breaks down nutrients which they need to grow & survive.children with this disease develop severe malnutrition & often dont live past early childhood.
I could sit and cry for Inaaya and her family,but I wont sit idle. This damn disease is ripping a family apart and has left us broken.I am hoping to raise enough money to help fund Inaaya’s treatment and help her get the medication she needs. The treatment is £500,000,I know that seems like an impossible sum but I must take a shot at this monster.
To ensure she gets the help she needs to have a long and loving life I need your help. I ask from the bottom of my heart,if its only £1, you will be making a impact on this family, giving them the support to be with their precious girl.They say you cant put a price on a life, but sadly in this case you can. This beautiful baby girl is at a crossroads, her mummy, daddy and big brother need her, they still have memories to make and so much love to give.At 3 mths old she is just starting to show her personality with a smile that could end wars, please help give this little girl the chance she & her family need.
When faced with adversity such as this we as human beings often cower & feel useless, but I will not & neither will this family, I have known them to be the strongest most will ever know, filled with bravery,strength & most of all love. Please, show love, show kindness,if it takes away a tiny amount of pain,it will be worth it.

Thank You”

By Vici Beardsworth

To help Inaaya click here

Remember our children are the future

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Inaaya deserves to smile and play around like these three

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Dear Inaaya

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