I was born to enjoy this thing called life without apology!

My heart was pounding when we approached the guest room doorway. My wife Lisa squeezed my hand when we saw him on the bed, lying naked, his towering erection stirring my sense of inadequacy. It was hard to process the cocktail of powerful emotions swirling within me, as I reconciled the idea that I had delivered my wife to this other man. It was deeply humiliating, but somehow even more powerful in arousing me.

“Hi, Lisa,” he said, his voice deep, his tone confident and unsurprised by our arrival.

“Hi,” her sweet voice replied.

Jake patted the bed cushion next to him, “Come here.”

My wife delicately let go of my hand, and I gently nudged her lower back toward his direction.

“Chris, why don’t you have a seat over there? Your wife and I are going to get to know each other a little better,” Jake said, looking up at me and pointing to a chair in the corner.

I was in a trance, penis erect, embarrassment coursing through me, as I acquiesced to this hung man. I sat slowly, watching with bulging eyes as my wife slipped into bed next to him, her hand immediately reaching out and grasping at his incredible penis, the object of her sexual desire.

“I can’t wait to fuck you, Lisa.”

Jake stared into her eyes as their lips smacked together. My heart nearly exploded when they kissed. My mind began to melt, unable to process the harrowing visual that lay before me.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” he asked, breaking their kiss.

“Yes,” replied the woman I loved, her voice a mere whisper.

Jake clutched at her ass, pulling her naked body close to his as they continued to explore one another. My mouth ran dry, I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. My jealousy surged but was somehow stifled by an incomprehensible level of eroticism.

Lisa pumped his huge cock with urgency, her modest wedding ring taunting me as her delicate hands failed to encircle his fat shaft. I watched as Jake’s huge balls bounced and jostled in response to the motion of her sexual caress, brushing against her naked skin.

“Your cock is incredible,” she whispered faintly, almost delirious.

Jake suddenly grabbed at her waist, pulling her body atop his and into a straddle position. I stared in awe as I noticed his behemoth cock nestling between the crack of her plump ass, his large hands clutching strongly into her cheeks, exploring up her back as he pulled her down to kiss him.

“Are you ready for it?” he asked, slapping her rear, causing her cheek to jiggle perversely.

“I think so,” she moaned and looked back at me, pleading for my approval.

“I love you, babe,” I said, clearing the lump in my throat, and she smiled back at me.

She scooted up as Jake grabbed into the base of her thighs, aligning his powerful cock with her wanting pussy. Unable to blink, I considered the gravity of the moment. To watch another man plunge himself into the woman I loved, would be an image that would be burned into my mind for the rest of my life.

I held my breath as his engorged head penetrated her beautiful body, my wife’s head arching back in wonder.

“Ohhh!” her gasp was silent, a whisper of disbelief.

I was stunned to see how easily she was accommodating his huge member, given her unfamiliarity with such size. Slowly, Jake breached a place that only I had been before, his long shaft driving deeper into my wife than I ever had, to places that I would never be able to reach. Her pussy stretched, her ass squirming as she experienced a new world of sensations.

“Ohhh! M-My! Jake…” Lisa gasped as she shuddered in disbelief at the feelings she was experiencing. She clutched downward into his muscled chest, bracing herself.

My dick bobbed beneath my wet boxers, my heart pounding so hard I could feel the beats echoing out of my rib cage.

“Take it, baby,” he grunted, clutching into her rear, stuffing more of his member into my wife.

“It’s so big!” Lisa moaned, gasping loudly, her toes curling as her feet twitched, her legs spread around his.

He slapped her large ass yet again, slowly yielding and thrusting back, his massive cock coated in a sheen of her wetness as he soon began to find his stroke. He plunged upward, his heavy testicles slapping into my wife’s ass. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I realized that she had taken all of him with ease.

They started to fuck with passion, both of them lost to their desire. I could only imagine the sensations that Jake was experiencing, as he took my wife right in front of me. Lisa was squealing, her vocal pleasure hitting octaves that I didn’t know existed within her, all while she rode and bucked atop the conquering male. My mouth was dry, my palms sweaty, and my dick was ready to burst.

“My… Oh, fuck! Oh, my God!” my wife moaned, as her naked ass smacked loudly down onto her lover’s crotch.

“You like my big cock, don’t you?” he grunted, his muscles rippling as he wrapped his large arms around her lower back, increasing the tempo of his thrusting.

My wife was consumed, and my mind scrambled as I witnessed her reaching heights of satisfaction I had never come close to giving her. She was moaning, squealing, screaming, and gasping, as she savored this new experience.

His big testicles smacked into the clammy skin of her ass, creating a chorus of slapping that joined along with the creaking of the bed. My wife was getting the fucking of her life, and my dick was diamond hard in arousal as she gave herself to our guest.

“I’m gon…Oh! Oh! God!” my wife squealed in a primal release as the profound orgasm exploded across her body. “I’m cumming! Chris! Chris! I’m cumming for him!”

She raised her hand to cover her mouth, her arm shaking as she struggled to comprehend the intensity of the waves of pleasure that ran through her. My penis nearly burst from the sensory overload, my eyes frozen on my wife as she convulsed, screaming my name, perhaps out of guilt, perhaps out of love, or perhaps for reasons I’d never comprehend.

Eventually, the room quieted for a moment and I heard Lisa smack her lips together in recovery. I gazed upon my wife’s labia taut and clinging to the base of Jake’s girthy shaft as I watched the micro-spasms of her pussy clench and release along his cock. It was a miracle that he didn’t cum in response to it, though his huge balls hung there, imposing and fearsome, waiting for the opportunity.

“I’ve never cum like that before,” she said, brushing her hair out of her eyes.

It was deeply erotic to hear my wife offer those words to another man, all while his massive penis was still embedded deep inside her. They kissed again, a passionate, appreciative kiss that nearly caused me to faint.

“Ready for more?” Jake asked, slowly releasing his manhood from Lisa’s pussy, my eyes bulging as I noticed her cream coated along his massive shaft.

She nodded, rolling off of him.

“Get on your knees and face your husband,” he demanded with a deep voice.

Lisa turned to me, her eyes wild with sex, and looked thankful, but embarrassed, and deeply feminine. Jake gently pushed her forward so that she rested on her forearms, her heavy tits swinging as he moved behind her, laying his heavy cock along the curvature of her ass, smacking it against her cheeks.

“Tell me what you want, Lisa,” he requested, now slapping her ass with his large cock.

“I want you to fuck me with your big dick,” my wife said as she looked back at him and I saw her bite her bottom lip in a way that sent my mind into overdrive.

“Good girl,” he replied, and within moments, was back inside her.

“Ohh! Fuck yes,” she hissed and arched her head back in pleasure as she felt him once again stretching her insides.

Jake slowly pumped into her, his large arms grasping onto her waist as he fucked my wife from behind. Lisa lowered her head, her ponytail cascading across her face, her hair and breasts swaying from his thrusts. I looked at her incredible bust as it bounced, her nipples fully erect and responsive to her lover’s command.

She eventually raised her eyes in my direction, her lust ever present in her gaze, and smiled lovingly, naughtily in my direction, looking down at the small but perpetual tent in my boxers.

“You’re the sexiest woman alive,” I said.

Jake slapped her rear once more, causing her to flinch in pleasure.

“She is,” he laughed and began to increase his tempo, the sounds of their naked skin slapping together becoming louder along with the creaking of the bed frame.

“Do you like watching me fuck your wife, Chris?”

“Yes,” I couldn’t help but admit as my embarrassment surged.

Lisa moaned in response, her own mind unable to reconcile the incredible truth that Jake taunted us with.

I watched him grab my wife’s ponytail, pulling it back and her head upwards along with it. He slapped her ass forcefully, as he savored her pleasure.

“Do you like my big cock, Lisa?” His voice was deep and to the point.

My wife moaned as she felt his tremendous manhood stuffing her full, her head arching backward.

“Yesss,” she hissed.

He grunted, fucking her hard. Their naked skin continued to slap together, Jake’s massive testicles swinging heavy and thwacking against my wife’s clit in repetition.

My wife leaned down into the mattress, her beautiful breasts pressing into the bed as she squealed muffled cries of pleasure into the bedding.

“God, Jake! I love your big cock!” she moaned.

“I’m fucking you with it right in front of your husband,” he grunted, continuing to pump her skillfully.

My wife could only moan, as her lover spoke the truth. The entire scene was utterly surreal as he continued to thrust inside her and she continued to squeal, her cries muffled by the bed.

“Is she on the pill?” he suddenly asked, looking down at me.

It was an impossible question, yet I could only nod as I listened to my wife’s moans, throwing her ass back into his groin, milking the hung man with her pussy.

Her moans were interrupted by a roar, as Jake called out, his veins bulging across his muscles.

“Chris, I’m cumming in your wife!” he grunted.

Lisa’s eyes rolled to the back of her head as I saw her fingers claw into the bed sheets, her tits slapping together as she bucked back into her lover.

“I’m cumming! Oh, God!” my wife exploded and collapsed into the mattress all while she smacked her large ass back into her lover, her beautiful body shuddering in profound pleasure as the alpha male continued to pump ropes of his cum deep into her womb.

Jake’s muscles continued to strain, all while he bucked powerfully, grunting as he finished inside of her. My wife shrieked in one last gasp of divine satisfaction, before they both fell forward, sweaty and profoundly satisfied.


Don’t worry your escapades are safe with us.








I was born to enjoy this thing called life without apology!

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