“Elegance” and “luxury” are terms we throw around quite a bit when we talk about style, but there’s a bit more to these terms than meets the eye.

What is elegance?

What is luxury?

Are the two related?

Are elegance and/or luxury related to style? If so, HOW are they related to style?

Can you be stylish without being elegant?

Is monetary wealth necessary for elegance and/or luxury?

Are elegance and luxury inherent and/or acquired?

Is luxury a “good” or “bad” thing?

Are you elegant? Do you wish you were? Are you glad you aren’t?

In slay world Elegance is good taste plus a dash of daring, while luxury can almost always be bought with money.

uxury can almost always be bought with money. there’s a new group arising called the nouveau riche where they have made a lot of money in a short period of time and they like to enjoy what they never had when they were growing up. a good example of this are hiphop artists, many of these hiphop artists grew up in “the ghetto” and did not experience the luxuries of fine food, wine, and other services and products the more affluent could afford. when these nouveau riche suddenly make all this money, they go out and buy the most expensive of everything. But having all these luxury products does not mean you will have the class to carry them. not everyone is like this obviously. and i chose hiphop artists as an example because a lot of the themes in their music is having and owning luxury while blending in their old lifestyle of being ghetto. there is nothing wrong with this lifestyle but it serves as a good example to distinguish elegance and luxury. We like to associate the two together and pretend that having the money to buy luxury will bring you class and elegance, but it just doesn’t happen that way in the real world. there is nothing wrong with owning better things in life and living the way you want whether it be a ghetto, flashy, low-profile etc.; but just know that elegance really cannot be bought like luxury can, it must be learned, taught, and experienced.

Mesh luxury and elegance together and you have the perfect look! When we think of luxury and elegance look 02-46 by slay my look comes swiftly to mind.

Look details

Price: $617.4
Size: Medium(UK8-10)
Length of pants : 42.2 inches
Color of top: Black

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Fashionistas do your thang

Luxury must be learned taught and experienced

When I think of elegance I think refinement

Luxurious things like silk and jewelry can add to a look but they aren't always necessary

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