For all you anti lovey dovey couples, or just because sometimes you got to tell people subtly to Eat a Dick, really! it’s a real life problem.

Our smaller size art prints (A5, A4, A3 & Ikea 30×40) are printed on 250gsm bright white coated matte card. Our larger size prints (A2, Ikea 40×50, 50×70, 61×91) are all printed on 180gsm uncoated white stock.

30x30cm: $562
30x40cm: $562
40x50cm: $579
50x50cm: $579
50x70cm: $579
A5: $547
A4: $554
A3: $562
A2: $579
A1 or 61×91: $647

BUY NOW (61×91 or A1 only)

For smaller sizes contact concierge here

Sometimes you gat to tell people subtly

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