We stumbled on the Australian Devaux Coupé many moons ago, but because our ADD addled brains forgets faster than they remember, it’s only now you get to see it as well. The Devaux takes it’s styling from so many sources it’s tempting to call it a mongrel, but that would be a betrayal of what we consider one of the best styled boutique cars in the world. Featuring a GM LS engine (could be a 6 or 7, we can’t tell) riding in a fiberglass over steel chassis with a wheelbase stretching out for over nine feet, the luxo-liner certainly fulfills the boulivardier image.

Fancy brightwork and an interior a few notches above the fray, stainless steel suspension and classy 16″” wire wheels round out the Devaux. The only real weakness is the lack manual transmission, but then again, lazily cruising Sunday afternoons away don’t really demand hand rowing the gears.

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Source: Jalopnik

Rolling sculpture. Just pure, unadulterated class from every angle

An impressive piece of machinery

Source: Getty

Pure Coupe porn

Interior luxe


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