In all things I make sure I out do you!

Lauren cupped her head in her hands and looked deep into my soul. “Well then,” she purred. “What shall we do now?”
Well I had a pretty good idea, and I was going to be the one who was in charge.

I walked over to where the gorgeous Lauren was sitting and offered my hand. She smiled knowingly and gracefully rose and clasped it gently in hers. I led her indoors and down the cool passages to the bedroom she shared with my son. Once inside their room, I stood behind her. Close enough for me to feel her tremble when my hot breath caressed the back of her neck. I reached around and opened her flimsy gown. I pulled it back, grazing her fulsome breasts as I did. I slid it off her shoulders and let it fall, silently, to the floor. I heard her breathing change, just a little deeper but enough to let me feel her body reacting to my touch.
My hands made light work of the strings that held her bikini top in place. I dropped them, and her top followed the gown to the bedroom floor. I nuzzled at the base of her hair and ran the nails of both hands down her tanned and flawless back. She gasped but still stood there, almost motionless, trying desperately to maintain her cool.
I was breathing harder myself, the effort of not pushing her over the nearest chair and thrusting my needy dick inside her meant that the side strings of her briefs took a little longer.
“Open your legs, Lauren.” As she obeyed, her briefs fell to the floor. As they did a thin gossamer thread, signifying the elevated state of her arousal, stretched from the fabric until it disintegrated. The sight was almost too much to bear. I gazed longingly at her. From the back, there was no discernable tan line. I placed my hands on her shoulders and slowly turned her to face me.
“Oh my god, you’re beautiful, Lauren. You’re perfect!” I stepped back and admired her. Her soft, smooth, skin, that all-over tan, those firm, full breasts with a cleavage I wanted to get lost in. Her slim waist and voluptuous hips which framed her dark landing strip and her pussy which I was desperate to savour. I reached out and cupped her inviting breasts. My fingers were drawn to her large nipples. I looked deep into her dark brown eyes and saw lust reflected back at me. Pure unadulterated lust. Her mouth was open, and the tip of her tongue peeked from her lips, almost as enticing as what i imagined it would be to see her clit emerge from its hood.
That thought had me fall to my knees. I let my hands caress the outline of those hips. The kind of hips that would welcome a firm hold and some serious thrusting from behind. But that was for later. Now, I had to worship at the altar of her sex, one of her most intimate places and one I planned to give my full attention.
I kissed and nibbled my way down her tummy, teasing the curly hairs on her landing strip. Running my tongue up and down each side of her pink labia before burying my nose and inhaling the strong scent of her arousal. She grasped hold of my head and rubbed my face all around her sex. The dampness on my cheeks told me she was already slippery and eager for something bigger. But I was in charge, she would have to wait. Much as my dick was desperate to free itself from my speedos I made her wait.
I pushed her back so she fell onto the bed. I crawled forward, and as she lay there panting, her large brown eyes looking up at me, beseeching me to ravage her, I let my tongue run the length of her dripping slit. Back and forth, lightly caressing her labia and gently teasing them open to reveal the nectar within. It tasted oh so sweet, I couldn’t get enough! She was moaning and cursing.
“Fuck me, please!” she begged.
I smiled up at her and pressed my tongue as far in her pussy as I could. Her hips bucked off the bed and she gasped for breath.
“Too much, that’s too much! Stop teasing me, I need to cum!”
I relented and started to lick and suck her clit. The hard little bud had become quite prominent and was clearly highly sensitive. In less than 30 seconds, her whole body contorted as she reached her climax. I let her recover, briefly, before continuing. She kept climaxing, cursing and thanking me each time. Finally I realised it was time, but first I needed to do something. Something intimate that we still hadn’t done.
I crawled up the bed, supporting myself on my hands and knees and let my lips brush hers, ever so lightly. It was the first time we had actually kissed. We started slow, but soon, our passion took over, and we were locked together.
It was time. I needed to feel the magic of her pussy once more. I shoved my speedos down, freeing my aching dick and balls. I rubbed my dick along her lips, coating myself in her lubricating juices.
Then I lined up, pressed down so the head of my dick was just at the opening of that glorious pussy, and then paused.
I looked directly into Lauren’s eyes and pushed forward. If was like being bathed in warm honey. I rocked back and forth, gliding deeper with each thrust until my balls were squashed against her.
“Oh dear god, you feel absolutely wonderful. I could stay here for ever!”
“That would be nice, but I want to feel you cum in me.” She grabbed my ass and pulled it tight to her.
I desperately wanted to cum in her too, but I wanted this time to be special. No wham bam thank you ma’am, but a sensual ride to a climax that would live long in the memory. This time it was on my terms.
I settled into a slow, deep rhythm. Making the end of my thrusts as deep as possible. Lauren seemed to enjoy this. She was beginning to groan as well as moan, and she was starting to move her hips in time with my thrusts.
“So deep,” she groaned. “Much deeper than Jason.”
Ha! Outdoing the son and heir, eh? Well, that made me feel good. I twisted my neck and started to lick and suck on her nipple.
“Fuck! Harder!” she cried. “That always makes me cum.”
I bit a nipple hard, and before she could react, I bit the other one.
“Oh god! Yes, fuck yes!” Her nails were scratching my back as she began to lose herself in her building climax. Then her pussy gripped me tight, so tight I could barely move and she let out a long wail as her body went rigid then went limp underneath me.
I paused to let her compose herself before continuing. Now I started to fuck her harder, and faster. I could feel the sweat appearing on my chest, and Lauren’s body was glowing. The combination of that glorious all-over bronze tan plus the sheen from her own efforts was intoxicating. I felt my own climax approaching.
“Cum with me, Lauren,” I encouraged her. “I’m not sure how much longer I can hold out. Your pussy is just too fucking amazing!”
I was beginning to snort with the effort. I felt like a rampant bull claiming his right. About to fill his prize with his life force. My eyes were locked on hers, and vice versa. We were muttering encouragement to each other, driving each other on to greater heights.
Her pussy muscles started to work their magic on me, and on her. She dug her nails into my back, they must have drawn blood, and her pussy spasmed and she howled her release.
I kept thrusting as she writhed beneath me but finally, the pressure in my balls became too much. My dick swelled inside her, and then I unloaded.
“Aaaaaaaahhhhhh. FU-CK! Yes, yes, yes!” Spurt after spurt burst from my supersensitised dick and flooded Lauren’s pussy. It was already leaking out while I was still thrusting for the final few times.
“Oh my god,” she groaned. “That was amazing. You are amazing!”
“It’s not me,” I replied in between gasping for breath. “You’re the amazing one. I’m just the lucky one.”
I rolled to the side and pulled her into me in a spoon position. We lay there listening to our breathing and our heartbeats until we fell into a satiated doze.

I woke with a massive erection and a warm wet sensation in my groin. Lauren had slipped my dick between her thighs as we spooned and was, with a gentle rocking of her hips coating me with her delicious lubrication.
“Hello sleepyhead,” she giggled, stroking her nails along my frenulum. “I want more!”
She pushed my dick back, and it slipped into position perfectly. I pulled her back and once again had her fully impaled on my fat dick.
“Oh, fuck. What a way to wake up.” We moved in harmony. The only sounds were our breathing and the squelching of our love making. It was blissful. But I wanted more, so wrapping an arm around her, I rolled onto my back. She was now spreadeagled on my body with my dick still balls deep inside that perfect pussy.
She groaned as I rocked my hips. My dick was obviously rubbing against a sensitive spot.
“Fuck that’s good. In fact that’s very, very good!” Her pussy clamped onto my dick and she shivered as she reached a small climax.
“More,” she begged. I grabbed her hips and began to slide her back and forth.
“Oh dear god,” she moaned. “You’re going to make me cum again!” And sure enough she was soon holding my dick in another death grip. It was pretty damn good for me, too. Soon enough, I felt my own climax rushing towards me. But before I got there, she exploded into a massive orgasm, so strong that her pussy muscles forced my soon to burst dick out of her body.
Bless her, she grabbed hold of it and wanked it hard. In just a few seconds, I exploded in her hand. Ropes of thick white cream flew in an arc landing on her tits, her tummy and onto her landing strip.
She rubbed it in like a moisturiser and brought the excess to her lips and liked her fingers clean.
She ground her ass into my groin. “Thank you. That was so lovely, so satisfying. You really are a generous lover.”

The rest of the day flew by. We fucked, we made love again. I kissed her a lot more. We swam naked in the pool. I couldn’t get enough of her. She was a goddess, a sexually amazing goddess. But I knew she wasn’t mine. This had been one of the best days of my life, but we had to go back to reality.
I drove her home, and we barely spoke a word in the car. We both knew it couldn’t happen again.
I let her out at her place. She leaned in and gave me one last kiss before disappearing indoors.
I sat there for ages. Processing the day. Cementing the events in my memory.

Over the coming weeks, the memories gradually faded, and I got on with my life. Jason had sorted out the crisis and had been given a big bonus. I returned to the club, but Lauren never appeared.
Months passed, and then my phone pinged. It was a message from Jason. He and Lauren had split up. He discovered her history of working in clubs and couldn’t forgive her. The asshole!
Then my phoned pinged again. It wasn’t a number I knew. The message was brief, but the most welcome one I could remember receiving.
“I want more!”
I love a happy ending. Don’t you? Of course you do! Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge!


Don’t worry your escapades are safe with us.








In all things I make sure I out do you!

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