At first glimpse, Healing Stay KOSMOS looks like it came right out of a science fiction movie. Contrary to appearances, this design hotel is established on a volcanic island 120 kilometers east of the Korean Peninsula.

Starring a dense scene of mountain hills, caves and waterfalls surrounded by rocky shorelines it makes for the ideal backdrop for Healing Stay KOSMOS, a luxury resort where visitors can rest in a perfect venue throbbing with the rejuvenating power of the mysterious scenery and peace of the wide open sky.

Conceptualized as a “container of energy” by THE_SYSTEM LAB and inspired by the heavenly twist of planets and stars, Healing Stay KOSMOS design hotel has been created as an observatory of the universe, hence its name, with every guestroom and public area meticulously orientated according to a specific view.

Constructed from ultra-high performance concrete, the design hotel’s two snow-white structures, Villa Kosmos and Villa Terra, have been sculpted into curvaceous structures that allude both to the astronomical tendencies of the sun and moon, and to the rolling panorama.

The design team designed a curved white concrete structure that has a swooping effect, inspired by powerful chi energy areas. The minimalist interior design has been inspired by the Taoist theory of the Five Elements or Wu Xin — Wood, Earth, Water, Fire, and Metal — which symbolize the five dynamic properties or energies that can be perceived in all natural phenomena.

With high-ceiling rooms, the design hotel has grey stone floors and a white color scheme to match the inside of a seashell. The high-end spa has a different sauna and an arched pool, with many other deluxe facilities.
By Bocadolobo

Right out of a science fiction movie

Conceptualized as a “container of energy”

Constructed from ultra-high performance concrete

Curvaceous structures

Curved white concrete structure

Swooping effect

All natural phenomena

High ceiling rooms

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