“Not Every Face Is Meant For The Runway, Dear Alana Hadid”

Hey there, Future Hadid Supermodel,

This is That Slaylebrity Life head concierge. Yes, THE— 4-time World digital real estate influencer Champion, international success story , and speaker of cold, hard truths.

Firstly, I’m going to say it straight: I respect your sisters. I respect their hustle, their effort, and their talent. Bella and Gigi Hadid have definitely carved respectable spots for themselves in the big bad world of fashion. Yet I come bearing a simple message: the runway is not for everyone, dear 38 yr old fashion designer Alana Hadid Sister.

Let me start by saying this isn’t personal. Considerably fewer people than you’d imagine have what it takes to strut the high fashion runway, even fewer can make it big. The fashion world is an arena of fierce competition, cutthroat politics, and never-ending scrutiny – It’s a battlefield where not all incredible women are destined to shine.

I know what you’re thinking – “With the genetics I have? Come on, I’m a Hadid!” Sure. You’ve inherited some good genes. But listen, success isn’t solely a DNA lottery. It’s an intense concoction of unrelenting grit, ceaseless devotion, discipline, and a dash of luck sprinkled on top. In short, prowess. Bella and Gigi didn’t just inherit supermodel genes; they worked tirelessly to encapsulate the whole ensemble.

Let’s talk life and business. I’ve made millions, lost millions, and made it back again. Through the rollercoaster, I learned a valuable lesson: stick to your strengths. We are not destined for ‘greatness across all fronts’ but rather ‘unmatched greatness’ in our chosen niche. So, before stepping onto the runway again reassess yourself – does this genuinely resonate with you? Does it ignite a burning spark within your core? More importantly Do I look like I belong here?

Do us a favor. Run your own race. Models are more than clothes hangers or high-cheekboned mannequins; they’re arbiters of beauty, influencers of style, and icons of an era. The runway doesn’t vibe with you, find your calling. Create your own success story, one that will make you a force to be reckoned with, like Bella and Gigi, in your unique way.

So, before you seek refuge in the shadow of the giants, remember – YOU are here to be the next big thing. Not the next Bella or the next Gigi, but the first YOU. What’s your ‘thing’? What sets you apart? Grab it, master it, own it.

Just remember, you have more to your story than just your last name. You’ve got an entire unwritten chapter looming at the tips of your fingers. So, as you ponder the idea of the runway again, ask yourself – is this where my story truly begins?

Strut forward with ambition, not in the silhouette of your sisters.

Embrace your journey, dear Hadid sister.

Yours, living life a kick at a time,

That Slaylebrity Life

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YOU are here to be the next big thing. Not the next Bella or the next Gigi, but the first YOU.

Here’s to hoping this was just a PR stunt

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