Curve utilises the same alluring visual language of classic balsa wood surfboards to create three unique sculptural pieces. Each Curve piece appears to have been reshaped by a natural glitch, a change in the pull of gravity that has caused the surfboard to elegantly bend 90 degrees. The arced shape adds enticing dimension to each sculpture; while the natural lines and raw grain details call back to the waves. With the classic combo of layered rich walnut and cool ash wood, Curve sculptures naturally become the focal point of your space.

Wood has been the material used in the construction of surfboards since the ancient Hawaiians, making this collection not only appeasing to the eye but also to the touch. Its strong curves and sleek edges pleasure the senses as your hand glides over the surface.
Designer: Christopher Duffy

Product information

Ash and Walnut from Forestry Stewardship Council managed forests and other controlled sources.


Curve Wall (L) 220cm (W) 70cm (H) 93cm
Curve Floor (L) 192cm (W) 70cm (H) 87cm
Curve Corner (L) 152cm (W) 110cm (H) 115cm


Slay Billionaire pieces are handmade with care and attention, by in-house and artisans/craftspeople using ethically sourced materials, so please allow 12-32 weeks for delivery.


The Fold pieces are limited to 11 editions.
Designer: Christopher Duffy


Slay Billionaire products are handmade with care and attention, by in-house and local artisans / craftspeople using ethically sourced materials, so please allow 12-18 weeks for delivery.

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Spacetime tells matter how to move; matter tells spacetime how to curve.

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