I agree to do as I’m told for today!

Blindfolded, Blushing and Humiliated
We’d talked about this. How I couldn’t help it; whenever he called me dirty names, I’d feel so horny.

He opens the door and states:
“I’ve been waiting for you… Strip, and lay on the bed naked.”
What did I expect? I’d agreed to do as I was told. Break a habit of a lifetime. To see if I liked it kinky, before I gave him an answer to his question…
I fold my clothes neatly and put them on a chair by the dressing table. He stands in the doorway watching me.
“Get on with it, Tessa. We haven’t got all night. Well we have, but I don’t like to be kept waiting. Not by a slut like you.”
We’d talked about this. How I couldn’t help it, but whenever he verbally humiliated me I’d feel horny as fuck.
Blushing slightly I throw myself face down on the mattress.
“Come on, girl… spread them.”
I scissor my legs and stretch each arm out to a corner.
“I can smell you. And you stink of slut to me.”
I bury my head in the pillow, embarrassed at how much his words turn me on. My hole pulsing. Wanting him to fill me.
Without further deliberation he secures the cuffs to my wrists and ankles then blindfolds me. He’s well aware that I feel more vulnerable when I can’t see.

All is quiet.

I wait, not knowing what will happen next. After a few moments the suede tendrils, from one of his whips, land across my back. Biting and soothing the skin in one whack.
That’s why I love leather so much. It is hard and soft. Warm, yet cold.
He changes things up and the whip makes contact with my ass and thighs. So near to my cunt that I become conscious of its need for attention. I lift my hips slightly so the tendrils lick between my legs, teasing my slit.
Suddenly he stops…
“You love the pain. Your hole is gaping. What a slut you are.”
I squirm at his words. When will he call me a good girl?
Not being able to see, I am ultra sensitive to the sounds in the room and realise he is removing his trousers.
I feel the bed give slightly next to my head and inhale the warm musky aroma from his cock. He starts to rub his knob all over my cheeks before forcing open my mouth and briefly thrusting to the back of my throat. He’s hard alright!
Unhooking my restraints, so they remain on my wrists and ankles but I’m free to move, he tells me to turn over on to my back, and assume the cross position again. Then, he re-hooks the cuffs and removes my blindfold.
“So you can see how much pleasure controlling you gives me.”
I am pleased to have my sight back. I feel less vulnerable even if it means being able to see him lifting his belt high before he strikes.
Grabbing the leather strap he pushes it down across my mouth like a gag before angling and swinging the end of it to smack the sensitive skin between my legs — making my puffy cunt lips hyper sensitive, and tingly.
The mirrors at the bottom of the bed and to the side allow me to survey the scene at every angle.
With each thwack his cock pulses and gets stiffer.
“I get pleasure from dominating a slut like you.”
He smears a liberal amount of lube over his fingertips and strokes my slit — slipping a finger inside and then moving lower before invading my asshole.
I wriggle a little but am well restrained so can’t move much.
“Keep still. You like that, don’t you. Your ass being full.”
It wasn’t really a question.
Replacing his finger with a butt plug he wiggles it slightly, and continues to finger me while whispering obscenities into the air. Almost without warning I feel myself going over the edge. So much stimulation and attention leads to a deep and satisfying climax. And then he finally says it…
“Good girl.”
And hardly waiting for me to recover from my orgasm he unhooks my cuffs and adds an order for me to sit on the edge of the bed. Then, he clips my wrists together behind my back.
“No hands allowed.”

He stands in front, his hardness pointing straight at my face — I’m unable to touch — placing a palm on the back of my head he roughly shoves his cock in my mouth, fucking it like a cunt. Paying no mind to me, just moving for his own satisfaction.
After the previous high adrenaline stimulation it doesn’t take long before he fills my mouth and anoints my face with the remainder.
“What a messy slut you are.”
I blush… And he continues.
“So Tessa… What’s the answer then? Compatibility is important.”
Smiling I reply,
“I loved it. And love you. So yes, let’s get married and I’ll be your slut whenever you want… “
At that moment I realise… the control had been mine, all along.


Don’t worry your escapades are safe with us.








I agree to do as I’m told for today!

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