Black culture is beautiful
So why can people of another Color not appreciate it or emulate it without being labelled cultural appropriators?
In the same light ….Is having a black Anne Boleyn not cultural appropriation? Why are things so one sided these days, Black women wear straight hair wigs which is not natural but it’s not cultural appropriation? Why can’t we appreciate each other’s cultures with respect without pointing figures, why can’t the human race just get along…why do we continue to punish others for the sins of their fore fathers Nuff said!

Recently I saw some comments on Bravo’s Housewives of Dubai reneunion. Many commenters talked about how The Black women are so beautiful and are carrying the show. Say someone said the opposite would this not be an “off with her head/ end time’s” scenario?

Let’s stop this rubbish already

I am wearing a sterling grey wig, green contact lenses and makeup that makes me look exotic, but no one will accuse me of cultural appropriation, I just love trying new Looks

This lady is loving her Slay my hair braided wig but has an extremely high risk of being labelled as a culture thief

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