At the beginning of June 2017 the Slay Network launched an exclusive VIP giveaway contest.

Out of 1983 entries we are pleased to announced that Nora Hyseni emerged as the clear winner with a whopping 38 entries.

Big Shout out to the second place contestant Sophie Chai Jing Nee who got 30 entries and Edua Antonio Guerra Silva who made Third place with 22 entries.

Here’s what Nora will be getting for winning the contest:

1. 500 slay Dollars ($500) credited every month to her VIP Slay Network account. We can’t wait to see the gorgeous items she gets with all those slay dollars.

2. A VIP slogger account which will give Nora access to the most elite VIP club. Be sure to follow Nora’s slogger page

3. VIP Social media account management.

If you didn’t win better luck next time. Be sure to check in everyday on Slaylebrity for more Slay VIP giveaways and contests.

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Well Done Nora Hyseni

Follow Nora here on Slaylebrity

Checkout Nora's Slogger page


Exciting times for Nora Hyseni

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