Once July rolls around, we start dreaming about our summer vacation plans and scoping out Caribbean destinations or the hottest beach vacation of the year, where we can put those spring break bathing suits to good use! But why do we always default to warm weather trips during the warm weather months? We love heading to Mexico in the middle of January so why not go to Alaska in July? There are a lot of great reasons to try a cold weather vacation during the summer. We’ve paired up five solid reasons with five awesome spots to inspire you to discover some cooler climates this summer.

1. It’s a refreshing escape from the heat. Occam’s Razor is a principle that states that the most obvious answer to a problem is also the correct one. So when it’s 93 degrees with 100 percent humidity and your legs are sticking to your seat (problem), it’s time to head somewhere cool (obvious and correct solution). Hop a flight to Reykjavik, Iceland in mid-July and luxuriate in temps topping out in the mid-50s. There are scores of indoor museums, live music venues and restaurants to fill your time, as well as the ultimate cool-weather activity: the rejuvenating thermal waters of the Blue Lagoon.

2. . It’s low season and wonderfully affordable. You’re a vacationing pioneer by going somewhere cool when most people are chasing the heat. You’re also significantly cutting your travel budget by taking advantage of low-season prices. Booking a cabin in Northern Maine near the Kennebec River will only set you back around $150 a night, plus there’s hiking, fishing, biking, rafting and breweries to keep you occupied outside in the 60-degree sun.

3. You’ll experience incredible beauty without a flock of other tourists. It doesn’t hurt that Alaska is the largest state in the country and also one of the least populated when it comes to finding some solitude. Taking a trip to the 49th state between May and September means you’ll most definitely get a break from the crowds. Denali National Park and Preserve offers off-the-grid lodges inside the park. Use one as your home base to hike Mt. McKinley, canoe the glacial rivers, visit Iditarod kennels and bike miles of trails (keep your eye out for moose, bears and caribou!).

4. You won’t be exhausted after a sweaty day in the sun. We have three words for you: walk with penguins. Or what about walk with dinosaurs? Book a June holiday to Patagonia, Argentina and you can do both (and why wouldn’t you do both?!). There’s also whale watching, shipwreck exploring, glacier exploring, skiing and horseback riding to name a few — your activity options are endless. So while your friends are doing nothing but sweating on the beach in order to get those fleeting tan lines, you’ll be enriching your life and staying totally comfortable in those mid-60s temperatures.

5. It’s fashionable fall weather somewhere. Your coats, sweaters, boots and leather are the most expensive items in your closet. It’s just not fair that you’re only able to wear them a few months out of the year! That’s why it makes sense to take a city trip to a cooler climate mid-June! Visit Auckland, New Zealand for a culture-rich climate change. The cosmopolitan city offers scores of art galleries, cocktail bars, awesome restaurants and local boutiques for you to peruse in your favorite faux fur.

By Brit + Co

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