The designer has created the ‘city pendant light’– a lamp which continues the artist’s series of skyline-warping projects. this time, the city is bent in a circle and illuminated from within. 

The new piece boasts a slim line and stylish matte black finish. beyond its smooth curve lies a dark city reminiscent of a neo-noir atmosphere, filled with shadows, patterns, and stark light and dark contrasts. the elegant, black, limited-edition pendant features a robust steel frame, allowing the designer’s fictional skyline to rest firmly in place.

Limited to 25 copies only.

100 cm Diameter

The steel frame is bent in a circular configuration 

Delivery 65-90 days

Concierge Price: $60,950

Contact concierge at or Skype slaynetwork to get it.

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The city is not a concrete jungle it is a human zoo

Let us run away and never look back

Divine nature gave the fields, human art built the cities

Away from the city

The streets will make me feel brand new

My heart burns for the city lights

Life is short stay awake for it

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