As previously demonstrated, Chrissy Teigen has zero time for your nonsense. Question her fertility choices? Sit down. Rooting for her marriage to fail? GTFO. Today, she’s taking on conservative TV network Fox News.
Like many other celebrities and civilians alike, Teigen was annoyed by the news over the weekend that United Airlines barred two teenage girls from wearing leggings on a flight. The incident was first reported by an observant Twitter user over the weekend. The ensuing outrage decried the policing of young, female bodies as well as the inconsistent standards of airline dress codes. Teigen took that approach.

Fox News created a graphic to illustrate her tweet and tagged her in it, which Teigen was not happy about. She replied to let them know.

This response, of course, riled up the alt-right trolls who were annoyed by her perceived special snowflake attitude. Teigen has so far been dealing with them in the simplest way: re-tweeting their hateful words with no commentary, letting the nastiness of the user be its own insult.

The shout-out didn’t sit well with Teigen, who replied, “@FoxNews I respectfully ask you please don’t ever tag me in anything, ever. Words cannot explain how much I detest you.”
Reactions to Teigen’s respectful request varied. “Whitney” alum Chris D’Elia responded, “@chrissyteigen @FoxNews hahaha awesome.”

Not all responses were as amused, however, with another Twitter user replying, “Oh get a grip, Chrissy. You detest the truth? How many immigrants live in your houses? How many do you support? Joke.”

Meanwhile Things are not al tipsy turvy in Teigen land, the Slaylebrity has got herself a nice cushy gig with Smirnoff US. Watch the video

Leggings has got Chrissy Teigen in a twist

One thing is for sure: leggings are really upsetting to people. Like really, really upsetting

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