It is evident that Chris Brown’s daughter has had an amazing impact on him. The 29-year-old entertainer often shows his daughter off on his social media. It is like we are watching her grow into the Queen that she is. In May, Brown and his bm, Nia Guzman planned a $30k princess birthday bash for their princess. The two parents usually have their daughter’s birthday on separate occasions but decided to come together for this one. It was successful, but recently there has been some discord among these Slaylebrity parents.

Guzman recently filled for a massive increase in child support payments. According to The Blast, Brown currently pays $2,500 a monthly in child support, in addition to a $4,000 to his baby moms. Guzman cites her financial struggles as the result of this massive increase.
The “Party” singer looks to fight this case to the bone. He has always kept his side of the bargain by co-parenting and compromising with her initial financial demands. To CB’s knowledge, Guzman kept the baby from him and gave Royalty her ex’s name until the paternity test, The Guardian reports.

Breezy is fervently rejecting his bm’s demands. He believes “providing a four-year-old with everything she demands could be harmful and is not in her best interest.” As a father, he has his daughter’s best interest at heart. Although he gives Royalty the world currently, he wants her to see the value in things. We learn as we grow. If she learns that she can get whatever she wants at an early age, she will only grow to develop that mentality throughout life. Breezy is doing the right thing. The singer did tell the court he will increase the payment to $9,813 per month.

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Well her name is Royalty Chris!

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