Presenting the Most unique and exquisite chocolate designs.

These are the most luxurious handmade chocolates you’ll ever find and quite frankly the most intimate and unique gift of all time.

These chocolates were designed in cooperation with the best chocolatier in the world 12,000 pieces handmade of chocolate have been produced – 1,000 large boxes.

Every piece of chocolate and each packages design has its own characteristics thereby creating an unmatched personality and flair.

Can be personalized with a personal note to your loved one.

Price: €380 per 36 piece box
Includes complimentary VIP worldwide shipping.

To get one Choose from the designs below and Email concierge at

Every piece of chocolate tells a story

Summer colors, summer shine, summer vibes

Enjoy a chocolate filled adventure

Art chocolate therapy on a gold platter

Reflections of gold or silver

Where chocolate art meets jewelry

Caramelized cashews with a touch of sea salt in a Valrhona Dulcey blonde chocolate cream

You can't go wrong with Cartier

Tiffany and co special

Hermes special

Versace Special

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