Fans have been speculating for months that Cheryl, Liam Payne’s girlfriend, is pregnant. Eagle-eyed followers couldn’t help but notice the singer’s growing belly even as Cheryl wore large coats and loose clothing — and even though the couple hadn’t confirmed their happy news.
Until now. With an Instagram post Cheryl casually shared last night, the couple made it clear they’re done playing coy.
The photo shows Cheryl with her fellow celeb ambassadors for a L’Oréal Paris campaign aimed at building self-worth in young people. Facing sideways in the back row, she wears a formfitting black dress and proudly cradles her baby bump

By Seventeen

You go Cheryl

Now a princes Trust Ambasador

We love it when Slaylebrities put their influence to good use, watch the video to find out how Cheryl is using her influence for good.

No words necessary

The photo was featured on the cover of The Daily Mirror. Gorgeous, right? Cheryl didn't directly comment on her pregnancy, but this picture is pretty much all the proof you need. Plus, the campaign supports an good cause. Check out the promo video from L'Oreal Paris and the company's partner Prince's Trust to see how the singer intends to help young people build confidence.

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