I am dying to have you know what….

So I have Selena on speakerphone, and I am enjoying the tightness of my anus around the butt plug. This process has gotten me dripping wet, shocked that Selena has gone from telling me about how her night with the goddess DJ went to telling me how to fuck myself.
I cannot wait to hear what she is going to tell me to do, and part of me just wants the orgasm. That part of me is greedy and often has me rubbing one out just before heading to the club because I’m afraid if I don’t my heightened desires will lead me to fucking anyone with a dick in the bathroom or alley, and I find those encounters tend to leave me feeling less than empowered.
But let’s focus on the phone sex because to be honest, that is what our conversation has turned into.
“I wish I could see you with your ass plugged and your fingers on your pussy right now,” Selena purrs into the phone. “Spread yourself across your couch and just imagine it’s the back seat of the limo I was in last night. That is exactly the scenario I found myself in. I was so entranced I barely remember how we went from sitting to me being sprawled in all of my glory with a latex bunny in my ass.
“But the next part is what completely drove me wild. She started licking me, first my neck, which was nice, but then places I would have never thought to lick. Just imagine right now, the tip of my tongue tracing your calves, the little hollow behind your ankle, the top of your foot, and even the spaces between your toes.
“When she selected one toe to nibble on and lick and suck, a part of me was so grossed out, but my body had a totally different perspective. I felt my pussy opening like a flower, it was pulsing. I imagined her treating my clit the way she was treating that toe and it was both exquisite and devastating at the same time.
“And then there was the view, I mean can you imagine seeing my face gazing up at your spread-open pussy with your toe between my lips? Looking at you like you are an ice cream I am going to devour from the bottom up?

“That is what she did. She kissed and licked every part of me except the part that was melting, dripping, and begging for attention. I knew the moment she touched me there, I was going to explode. She must have known it too, she could see what she was doing to me and she was enjoying it so much. Do you think I would enjoy it so much if I were there teasing you with my tongue right now, Melody?”
The sound of my name brought me back to the present; I had been there with her in the limo, getting licked, and even my pussy was ready for the next instructions, when was it going to be filled with something? What was going to satiate the aching emptiness that was filling my core? Her tongue? Her fingers? A toy? I was dying to know how the story would end, and how I would get my orgasm.
“Mmmm,” was all I could manage.
Selena’s laugh tinkled through the phone. “You are enjoying this aren’t you! Don’t fuck yourself yet, Mel, please. That is not how this works. You wait until I tell you to touch that beautiful flower.”
“Ughhhhh,” I moaned back, dismayed. Though I was turned on enough by the scene and her demanding tone to obey. This was way more fun than I expected our Saturday morning catch-up to be.
“So get this, next I find her ass, right in my face, dress hiked up around her middle. She is still kissing and sucking on my legs in crazy erotic ways, but apparently wants me to service her asshole! I was a little hesitant, and I didn’t know exactly what to do. I mean with men that’s not really where my attention tends to go, but I was so turned on, I didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize my chances of those lips kissing my cunt, so I started licking. I licked circles around her anus at first, tentatively; my hands found her waist and I squeezed and kneaded her ass cheeks until I found I was really getting into it, my tongue probing her open and she was pushing her hips back so my whole face was enveloped by her beautiful bum.
“I want to do that to you Melody, can you imagine? I want you to eat my big beautiful ass, I don’t know why I didn’t realize it until now.”
I was imagining it with a big silly grin on my face. Selena has an amazing ass, I can’t say I had ever fantasized about fucking it but now I was. And I wanted her.
“Then it finally happened, the part you must be dying for right now. She ran her tongue from the inside of my knee all the way up my thigh, across my labia, and down the other leg. Dear God the tension that built up from that very short moment of contact between her tongue and my cunt was insane.
“Then she just pulled her head back and gazed into me, like I was a crystal ball, she just stared straight into my pussy. I had never been looked at like that before, it just totally tore me open. My brain wanted to run through all the possible things she could be thinking but it’s like my pussy had pressed pause on all that chatter and I was fully present with this Goddess woman staring into my depths. I have no idea how long we stayed like that before she slowly, almost reverently lowered her head to me.
“Her breath on my cunt was like the softest caress and when her tongue finally made contact, she moved it in long slow sweeping motions from the gaping hole in my center up to the swollen clit and back down. I can imagine doing it to you right now, Melody. Exploring every fold of your beautiful pussy, tasting each inch of you, breathing in your heady scent as tension builds in your depths.”

I was absolutely aching, arching my hips as if they would actually meet her tongue in my comfortable recliner. It took all my restraint not to reach down and relieve the pressure building.
“Now,” she said in an instructive tone. “Now you can touch yourself just as I described, lightly, going up and down from your entrance to the top of your clit, but only lightly, no pressure, and imagine its my tongue. Imagine my hair tickling the soft skin inside your thighs, and my breath on your cunt.”
“Ahh,” I sighed at the contact but wanted so much more. I found myself speeding up my touch, rubbing myself harder and harder.
Selena shouted over the phone, “Hey, not yet, I said to go slow!”
But my breath was coming faster and faster now, I was so close to cumming. “Come over here and stop me,” I teased through gritted teeth as my orgasm built up.
“Maybe I will,” Selena fumed and the phone went silent.
My orgasm shook my entire body and I dipped my fingers into my dripping well to slowly soothe the throbbing flesh with light circles as my breathing slowed. I suddenly wondered if Selena was serious. She could be at my house in 15 minutes if she wanted to. My heart rate sped up.
Whether she was coming or not, I was going to get another orgasm imagining just what would happen if she did…


Don’t worry your escapades are safe with us.









I am dying to have you know what….

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