Once a week we recommend a cheat day. Now don’t go over the top, but you should definitely pick out two of these meals and try it out. These will definitely satisfy your cravings for a week!

It’s a good idea to detox after a cheat day

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Peanut butter cinnamon nice cream (blended frozen bananas)

Topped it with all my favourite goodies! More peanut butter, dessicated coconut, mulberries, cacao nibs, raspberries, blueberries & pecans, this is basically having dessert for breakfast.....but without the guilt! Perfect start to the week

Source: by @hannahsfoodieadventures

Red velvet sandwich cookies

Source: By @soyummy

Frozen toffee and chocolate bananas

Source: by: @soyummy

Egg in a hole

The most scrumptious waffles you'll ever have

Snowman cake

Source: by: @yolanda_gampp

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