You’ve likely tumbled down the internet rabbit hole of luxury before, but did you know that alcoholic beverages are actually (gasp) good for your hair? Vodka tightens pores, Lush has come out with a beer based shampoo, and red wine baths have been known to give your skin a youthful glow. Hopefully you haven’t sworn off champagne after your last Veuve Clicquot-induced headache, because your beauty routine is about to get a lot more extravagant with Cuvée products.

On her 21st birthday, founder Rachel Katzman was living it up in Vegas and was doused in champagne. The next day, she realized how champagne showers enhanced her tresses and voila, Cuvée Beauty was born.

Champagne is packed with antioxidants which combat oxidative stresses that can make your locks lifeless, such as cigarette smoke and smoggy air. Bubbly apparently makes your hair shiny and smooth while making your highlights extra golden and bright. Cuvée also adds white truffle extracts to give your hair more moisture and platinum extracts which detoxify your scalp of any pollutants. Healthier, shinier hair made out of your go-to beverage for a celebratory night out on the town? That’s something worth raising a glass to.

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Still want the glamorous look without damaging your hair with Extensions? We recommend something that looks amazing that can be taken off after you’ve had your glam moment so you don’t ruin your perfect hair that you’ve worked so hard to restore with this new secret champagne shampoo cuvée. Discover slay hair here

Every Slay hair deserves the champagne treatment

Cuvee shampoo

Meet Cuvee CEO

I had a wakeup call in Ibiza. Then Cuvée saved my hair. Two years ago, I was in Ibiza. I felt amazing. I was having a blast. But just one thing: I was a total mess! It’s not for any reason you might assume when I say “Ibiza.” It was…because of my hair. I was at my longest, blondest and most extension-heavy. I loved it! The pics were sick. I felt totally confident and glamorous. But going out, I was dripping sweat. No one tells you that extensions don’t let your head breathe. And they are frickin’ heavy. And that’s when I thought, “Enough.” I love an extension as much as the next girl. Who doesn’t look good with a little extra body and length? Clip-ins and lashes are fabulous — whatever you want to do to feel great. For me, the habit got out of control. It started small, playing around with styles and colors. Then I felt more and more confident. I fell in love with the extra compliments. So hello, head full of extensions! got so comfortable with my new look that I couldn’t go out with my natural hair. And at a certain point, I didn’t even feel like me. Things got too real when I first started testing Cuvée formulas. I would take out my extensions to test the products…and cry. I hid my hair in the tiniest bun. Or a hat. The long, thick hair I had in high school had turned into short, fine, brittle hair in only a few years.. Then, after a few months of only using my products, I started to feel like me again. My real hair was returning to life. Shiny, thick, full, all thanks to Cuvée’s proprietary complex™. A friend even asked me, “Oh, you got shorter extensions?” I was back! That confidence is what I want Cuvée to give every woman. It’s not about the compliments from others, even though those are nice. It’s about how great it is to feel sexy and glamorous as yourself. finally feel comfortable as “me” again. My next trip to Ibiza, it was natural all the way.

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