Let’s acknowledge the importance of the intentionality and work that goes into personal style.

Many stylists and style writers (including me!) frequently describe certain outfits and styles as “effortless.” It’s one of the highest compliments in the fashion world, and publications such as Racked (now Vox) and Refinery 29 have criticized the glamorization of “effortlessness” as one of the underpinnings of the mythical French Girl style. But the idea of “effortless” style is a problem on its own, whether or not connected to a French aesthetic because it discredits the importance of work.

Effortlessness” doesn’t exist, because anything good takes work.
When scrolling through beautiful style posts on slaylebrity, it’s helpful to remind ourselves that the idea of “effortless” style is absurd on a number of levels, firstly because everything, including a “casual chic” ensemble, takes work. Everything is harder than we expect, even—and especially—art that is made to look easy.

With style, the work to look “effortless” is often front-loaded, meaning that while it may not take long to dress in the morning, that’s because the wearer has already done a lot of work to make it that way. A stylish ensemble could be a favorite “uniform” that that person often wears, such as high-waist denim pants with silk camisoles or circle skirts with button-ups. People can create a cohesive look quickly and easily when they own items that coordinate, but to own items that coordinate, one has to shop not haphazardly, but with a plan, vision board, and/or a vibe or color scheme in mind. Going back even farther, new outfits may be easy to put together because people have honed their style sense and learned design principles, either from a book or by trial and error. Some people may not have to think about proportion anymore; they just know that a fitted top looks good with voluminous pants, but it’s not because they were born knowing—even though it may seem that way.

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