Casts in time

At Casts in time, they endeavour to capture the essence of an exact moment in time. With over 17 years experience, creating precious baby hand and feet casts for your loved ones to treasure. With passion and tender loving care the cast in time team will work together to create something precious and rare. The greatest keepsake.

Honoured are they to re-create a life cast sculpture of your baby’s hands and feet, for you to treasure and adore and give you many years of pleasure, gazing upon these timeless beautiful pieces of art. They will stand the test of time and be admired forever as they are made with love and creativity, straight from the heart.

Appointments can be booked any of the two locations:  Kiddicare in Peterborough & Bentalls Centre in Kingston ( Surrey) . See more @ Slay Bambinis
For further Information please email See more @ The Slay Network

Average price: £85

How significantly awesome

Casts in time

Capturing the wrinkles perfectly

Together we are one

Rosegold beauty

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