A woman who went through nine plastic surgeries and spent $50,000 to look just like Melania Trump is proudly showing off her new appearance after weeks of recovery.
Claudia Sierra, 42, believes the First Lady is ‘the most beautiful woman’ and was determined to become the former model’s lookalike.

The divorced mother and cancer survivor, from Houston, Texas, underwent a breast augmentation, a tummy tuck and a butt lift among other procedures.

‘I definitely want to look like Melania Trump,’ the interior designer told Inside Edition before her drastic makeover. ‘What is there not to like? She’s perfect to me. This is the perfect woman.’
Dr. Franklin Rose, who worked on Claudia’s transformation, used pictures of Melania as inspiration during the process.
It took weeks for Claudia to recover from the extensive surgeries, but she seemed thrilled as she revealed her new appearance in front of television cameras.
‘I absolutely love my transformation,’ she told the program, which is set to feature her full makeover on Thursday’s episode. 
Claudia previously revealed she suffered years of cruel taunts over her appearance before deciding to go under the knife, and feels as though she’s been ‘reborn’ since having her surgeries done.
She suffered with a low self-esteem her entire life after being bullied about the size of her nose, her hair and darker complexion from the age of seven.

‘Since I was a young girl, I was made fun of for the color of my skin, nose, hair and everything, I was different from everybody else,’ she said.
‘I remember as a child I would scotch tape the tip of my nose to my forehead because I wanted a nose like all of the other girls.
‘Despite my parents telling me I looked beautiful, I would get into the bathtub and try to lighten my skin by scrubbing it with a loofah, because all the girls I knew had lighter complexions.’
The mother of two was plagued with confidence issues due to the torment, peaking this year, when a date told her she looked ‘much older’ than her age—shortly after she beat breast cancer.
‘This year when I was dating a man, he asked me for my driver’s license, when I gave it to him he told me I looked a lot older than 41-years-old and that was the last straw,’ she said.
‘That was the first date I had since cancer, it broke me apart, I knew I wanted to change everything about myself and have had around $50,000 worth of surgery now.

‘I had a broken nose from domestic violence fixed, my cheeks pulled back, breast augmentation, a tummy tuck, ab sculpt, Brazilian butt lift liposuction and more.
‘Then hair extensions, blue eye contacts, my teeth fixed, a personal trainer, spray tan, my nails done, facials to tighten my pores and laser surgery to remove scarring it’s a full transformation.’  

Since completing her new look last month, Claudia says she feels ‘beautiful’ and is ready to leave the emotional problems behind.
She believes that Melania is a ‘strong, powerful and glamorous woman’ who has faced many similar struggles to herself, and looked to the First Lady for inspiration as she wanted to step away from her typical ‘mom’ image.
‘I wanted to have a polished structured look like Melania Trump, she is very glamorous and I like that, I didn’t want to appear as a frumpy, typical-soccer mom like before,’ she said.
‘I feel like the First Lady and I are very alike too, everyone puts her down yet she remains a powerful, strong woman and that’s what I want people to see in me.

Claudia’s surgery list

* Revision breast reconstruction
* Breast augmentation
* Revision rhinoplasty
* Tummy tuck
* Liposuction
* Brazilian butt lift
* Eyelid lift
* Botox
* Fillers
* Laser surgery to reduce scarring
* Other injectable treatments

‘I’m very happy with how I look now, when I stare at myself in the mirror I can’t believe it’s me and when I walk past windows my reflection catches me by surprise.
‘I feel like a phoenix this is my rebirth, when that guy told me I looked older than my age I changed every part of myself – I don’t want to be that old person any more.
‘It’s been both a mental and physical battle, I’m never going back to how I used to be, I am the new Claudia Sierra now and I will not be haunted by anything in my past, I won’t live there anymore.’
Claudia had a lumpectomy and radiation treatment two years ago after being diagnosed with breast cancer, which she says left her emotionally drained and 17 pounds heavier from medications, leaving her self esteem at an all-time low.
However, since her surgeries, Claudia believes she looks very similar to the First Lady and says she has people constantly staring at her because of her glamorous new look.

‘I like everything about my transformation, I feel like I’m a woman again, when you go through cancer you feel so weak, sick and frail,’ she said.
‘In the past, I had been bullied and harassed, but with my transformation I want to show you can be a strong, powerful woman and I can see the comparisons between myself and Melania.
‘When my family saw me they were amazed, I’m still me and the same person but I look like an improved version of myself.’
Of her numerous surgeries and cosmetic procedures, Claudia says her favorite results are her teeth and her new 30G breasts enlarged from a 34C.
Claudia says since her transformation she can finally put cruel classmates’ jibes behind her.
‘The boys at school who used to bully me are now the ones who are asking me out on dates and trying to make marriage proposals,’ she said. 
‘Their horrific treatment affected me up to 42 years of age, I remember their horrible put downs which I couldn’t forget until now.

‘I have so much more confidence and self-esteem now, I feel like I could approach anyone to talk to them, especially those who used to insult me.
‘I definitely turn heads, I get looked at and look like a different person, I feel so good about myself now.’
Now content with her look she wants to empower other victims of verbal abuse with a national awareness campaign—with her unveiling her look last week at Saks 5th Ave in Houston.
‘Now I’m going to show the world who I am and I’m starting an anti-bullying movement to speak to children, parents and people to help them overcome it,’ she said.
‘Whether it’s bullying face to face or cyberbullying there are a lot of people hurt by this, with some taking their lives, it has to stop.’ 
The plastic surgeon who worked on Claudia’s transformation says he is delighted with the process and knows it will continue to further her self-confidence and help her appreciate own beauty.
‘From Claudia’s preoperative images she was a very pretty girl, if the patient is very attractive to start with after surgery she will still be very attractive looking a little closer to Melania,’ Dr. Rose said.
‘She looks super elegant and beautiful, she doesn’t look like she has had so many operations and procedures.
‘Claudia was always a very beautiful girl, now she’s extremely beautiful and sought after.

By Daily Mail

Claudia unveiled her new look at a lavish bash at 51fifteen, Saks 5th Ave, Houston.

Claudia had a breast augmentation, a tummy tuck, liposuction, Brazilian butt lift, eyelid lift and more in order to help her emulate her political idol

The mother of two says that she looked to the First Lady for inspiration as she wanted to step away from her typical 'mom' image

The mother-of-two says that she sees parallels between herself and Melania (pictured) both in their looks and their attitude 

Hurt: Claudia (pictured as a child) suffered years of cruel taunts from bullies who made fun of her appearance from the age of seven, leaving her self esteem at an all-time low

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