Slay club world is the Worlds first luxury lifestyle and handmade shopping platform which allows its members to earn cash rewards for inviting others to the platform.

Essentially as a member you are preselling handmade items and access to the Worlds best extravagant magazine. This sort of referral is also known as drop shipping. However the effects here are hugely compounded because the membership is highly high ticket.

In this video We will explore if it’s actually possible to become a dropshipping millionaire or billionaire , and if so how? The first thing we need to explain is financial literacy and understanding how the rich get rich.

Using the principles laid out in the Rich Dad, Poor Dad book We will reveal just how wealthy people invest their money once they make it. We will then share two strategies you can use if you are dropshipping to become a millionaire or billionaire. We will also talk about branding and real estate investing.

If you are thinking of joining slay club world and want to make money with this then you need to watch this video.