Born in Washington DC and having discovered her passion for fashion at the primitive age of ten; Bridget chose to consistently follow her passion through over the years by enrolling in Parsons School of Design and subsequently being an intern at Donna Karen and then Giorgio Armani. She worked full time for one year with Armani before deciding to start her own line.

Bridget Awosika is arguably one of Nigeria’s most talented designers and clearly one to watch for the future. It’s almost impossible to get used to or bored of her aesthetics as she always brings something new every season with different colors and fabrication.

She makes sensational use of “modern shapes, asymmetry, clean lines, cuts, draping and intricate details”.

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Lance leaf by Bridget Awosika

Gorgeous details

We love this

Red rose doll mini

Incredible one


Custom Bridget Awosika

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